A(Fifth Raikage)
Personal Information
Username NPC
Age deceased
Gender Male
Height 6'8"
Weight 260lbs
Affiliation Kumogakure
Clan None
Rank Kage

Appearance and Personality

A is tall, dark and strong. He's gruff and tends to be overbearing and stern, though he means well. He is fairly quick to anger and easily insulted.

Stats (Total:337)

Strength: 30

Speed: 40

Intelligence: 20

Chakra Levels: 30

Chakra Control: 20

Endurance: 29

Banked: 0

Rank Upgrades

Genin 1: Lightning Release

Genin 2: Water Release

Chunin: Storm Release 

Jonin: Black Lightning Release

S-Rank: White Lightning Release

Kage Rank: Swift Release


Feats earned so far: 40

Banked feats: 0

  1. Stat up
  2. Stat up
  3. Stat up 
  4. Stat up
  5. Stat up
  6. Stat up
  7.  Lightning Release Armour(2)
  8.  Black Lightning Release Armour(2)
  9.  White Lightning Release Armour(2)
  10.  Lariat
  11.  Double Lariat
  12.  Lightning Straight
  13.  Elbow
  14. Guillotine Drop
  15. Iron Claw
  16. Liger Bomb
  17. Swift Release: Shadowless Flight
  18. Chidori
  19. Black Lightning Chidori
  20. White Lightning Chidori 
  21. Lightning Clone 
  22. Kirin(2)
  23. Black Kirin(2)
  24. White Lightning Release: Lightning Secret Technique


(4)Chakra Vambraces 

History and Story

After the death of the Fourth Raikage, the current Raikage took his place as a young prodigy showing promise and had the love of the people. After talks about equality between the ninja and civilians things, took a turn for the worse. Arei Sho, a young inventory and weapons dealer who had failed out of the academy began to stir up unrest among the civilians of Kumo. Arei Sho developed weapons that affected interfered with chakra, and made devices that could use one’s own chakra to run machines. Using these, Arei Sho incited protests that turned increasingly violent. In an act of kindness, the Raikage exiled Arei, despite a majority of the population favoring Arei and his ideals. This has led to the current tension in Kumo and the skirmishes between the Forgotten and ninja of Kumo; a source of great stress for the Raikage. The Raikage stubbornly refuses to meet Arei's terms.

He was killed during a recent Kage summit.

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