Mission DetailsEdit

Ninja TeamEdit

  • Chihiro Akabara
  • Hayate Yuki

Mission ProfileEdit


Taking a late night walk.


Chi went out for a late night walk and met up with Hayate.

Mission RecapEdit

Bored and without any books to read, Chihiro decided to wander around Konoha during the night. After walking for around one hour, she entered a park, where she sat on a bench in order to look up at the stars. Hayate appeared, surprising Chihiro, who thought he was in Kiri together with Allen Walker. Hayate told her about his assignment that lets him travel around the Elemental Nations, and discussion strayed off as they talked about different topics.

They ended up talking about their first meeting, with Hayate saying how he didn't expect a pretty girl to fall on his lap and Chihiro saying how she didn't mind getting caught by a handsome guy. He then asked her on a date, with Chihiro accepting, though Hayate didn't know any good restaurants in Konoha, so Chihiro decided for them to go to Ichiraku. Though they got lost, the two ended up arriving in Ichiraku safely after a bit of walking.

They ate, discussing about the likes they shared and hobbies in general. Discovering they both liked watching the stars, Chi offered to show Hayate her favorite place to watch stars, on top of the Hokage monument. After Hayate paid, Chi began to lead him there. After reaching the spot, they laid down, and Hayate slipped his hand into Chi's while they talked. He thanked her for great night and she thanked him for the same reason, before they both leaned in and kissed.

Hayate ended their date with a bang (literally), by using Storm Release: Laser Gun to make a fireworks-esque display in the sky.

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