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Ninja TeamEdit

Mission ProfileEdit


Amaya must lead Celeste to form a team and fight her, without revealing her identity, to prove that Celeste really is worthy of being a jonin while unaffiliated.

Mission RecapEdit

Amaya is told by the Mizukage that she must test the leadership skills of an unaffiliated ninja so that she will be recognized by the world as a real Jonin. It's celeste, so Amaya sets up puzzles and hints guiding her to her goals. First celete infiltrates Konoha to retrieve Malkeru. Then they go to suna and find Zenko. They all travel to a specific location, then a massive brawl lashes out between them and Amaya, who is masked and who's identity is unknown to the 3 weaker ninja. The fight goes on some time, with the three barely scraping out of it. Amaya reveals herself and tells celeste she is worth of being a team leader as a Jonin.

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