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Shinkiro and Nui are both in Ame looking for the other. Shinkiro because he wants to play a game with Nui, and Nui because she wants to thank him for the picnic. Shinkiro proposes a game to be played in which the two spar and the winner gets to ask the loser any question and the answer will be kept between the two of them. In order to ensure that the loser cannot lie or share information, Shinkiro suggests that they place a seal on each other (fluff element). Nui agrees with some reservations and they head to the training grounds and apply the seals to the other.

The two began sparring. Shinkiro used a smoke bomb to obscure Nui's vision and sneakily made a shadow clone and had it flicker off, catching her eye, and sent a substitution at her that she easily saw through. She went for the shadow clone and engaged it in sword combat, but had a difficult time coping with Shinkiro's strength. As the clone was running out of chakra, the clone made a desperate attack that purposefully left an opening that Nui took advantage of. Meanwhile the real Shinkiro flickered in from behind her and pulled a fatal punch, instead poking her in the back with a sheathed katana. Nui admitted he won, he asked his question, and received an answer.

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