Mission DetailsEditEdit

  • Date : 2/11/14
  • Submitted by : Kurai
  • Rank : B
  • Overseer : Kurai
  • QP : 4
  • Reward : 2000

​Ninja TeamEditEdit

  • Zumoni
  • Mrokeii

Mission ProfileEditEdit

Goal : 

Investigate the disappearances of female citizens at the night clubs

Recap : 

Zumoni and Morkeii infiltrate a club and learn about a pervy guy, Tyler, who has a thing for hot women but they seem to disappear after meeting him. After investigating Mrokeii finds that he's been kidnapping and burying them under the club. Zumoni during the time fought the clubs owner, Gen, who happened to be an honorable samurai and was probably Tyler's partner to some degree, though he didn't approve of Tylers antics.

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