Mission DetailsEditEdit

  • Date : 2/14/14
  • Submitted by : Kurai
  • Rank : C
  • Overseer : Kurai
  • QP : 4
  • Reward : 2000

​Ninja TeamEditEdit

  • Jetto
  • Aeo

Mission ProfileEditEdit

Goal : 

Find out why women are disappearing from the nightclubs outside of the land of fire.

Recap : 

Aeo and jetto meet at a nightclub. Aeo flirts with the security guard and gets him to show her a secret tunnel. Jetto follows behind. They get to some room and aeo kills the pervert guard before entering the next room. They then find out some guy was collecting women parts for his ill queen. They fight and defeat the king but he gets his sleeping queen away.

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