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Find the sword Shisha no shinzō


Shinkiro and his friends set off from the Ame tea shop towards a nearby shrine to the sage of the six paths. Shinkiro is searching for a sword that once once belonged to him, or so he thinks. He heard a story from a bard in a tavern a while ago, he thought it was worth checking out, so he's heading to the shrine to see if there's any information to confirm the story.

Mission RecapEdit

Shink sets out on an adventure with his friends Nui and Tibs. First they head to a shrine to the sage of six paths to gather more information. They find some more information confirming that the sword Shink is searching for likely exists, but it is clearly not at the shrine.

So the trio of adventurers head off to the site of the 4th Great Shinobi War to find the body of the 10 tails. They find nothing to indicate there is a sword from the outside, so they enter the remnants of the beast. After some exploring they find evidence of where the sword was once lodged in the creature, but also discover that it is no longer there. The name 'Sasu' is carved into the walls of the 'room'. Shink recognizes the name as that of a swordsman who is from the Sound. They leave the memorial and make plans to confront Sasu at a later date.

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