AkaBara clan symbol
Clan Leader NPC
Member Limit 4
Clan subreddit N/A

Clan InformationEdit

Outdated game mechanics for this clan. 

Abilities and MembersEdit

Water dragon by Ironshod

A picture of the first Bara with her dragon's child. Credit to artist : *Ironshod

History and Goverment.Edit

Little is known about the exact start of the clan, but it's first leaders are. The male (Chi) and female (Bara), are normally husband and wife. The first Bara, Jinsei AkaBara, was the one who founded the Ryu No Ko tradition. She was the first to find a dragon and unlock their Kekeii Genkai with her dragon, Haha Ao. The first Chi, Oda AkaBara, embellished the goverment and ruled with his wife. Jinsei also set up the dragon breeding ritual.

Chi and Bara today still rule in the monarch-like way of the first Chi and Bara. 

There are 5 sub-branches. All are named after the chkra nature that is most dominate in their family tree. Marriages between sub-branches have occured, but not often. The 5 branches have each had their time as the leaders of the clan. The longest and current monarchs are the Water branch. 

When a Chi and Bara die, the eldest, or healthiest child dependinig on the circumstance, is chosen to be the next leader. The Bara and Chi are the final word in most decisions, but depending on the ruler, sometimes votes are taken among a trusted council.

If a Chi and Bara are both dead, and no successer was born, the monarchy goes to the next branch. The branches are chosen in the way chakra is effecting each other. I.E if the Fire monarchy dies out, the next leader will be chosen from the Wind branch.

One tradition is the joining of dragon summon and clam member, which is called Ryu No Ko. Each member is given a dragon when they are born. When the elder council members decide the child is old enough, the child is put in a room with many other dragons. If the child chooses their dragon, they are joined forever with a sealing jutsu. If the child chooses incorrectly, the child or dragon has a defect. Both are never joined to anyone.

The clan resides close to Konoha, but is sometimes found all over the world. They love to travel, and are well diverse in almost every aspect.

The hub of AkaBara clan is located in Konoha. The AkaBara district is almost a village on its own. The district has its own grocery stores, resturants, and even a small medical clinic. Even though the area of the district is large the numbers of AkaBara has dwindled down to few. The AkaBara is feared and hated my many otther clans because of the habit of killing members of other clans to steal Kekkei Genkai. The AkaBara have wiped out entire clans at a time. 

Clan AbilitiesEdit

The AkaBara clan is an extremely powerful clan with a wide variety of strengths 

Kekkei Genkai: NorinigeEdit

Signature Jutsu: Summons The main summon of the clan is an elemental dragon. The dragon is named and they are bonded for life at birth. Often seen as spirit animals, they are a respresentation of their masters' personality.

Clan MembersEdit

Chihiro AkaBara - inactive
Ryujin AkaBara - inactive
Matatabi AkaBara -inactive

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