Mission DetailsEdit

Ninja TeamEdit

Mission ProfileEdit


Travel to Konoha and speak with Jiiru Gami at the Konoha Medical Institution.


The Akatsuki are seeking an aliance with the Gami clan after losing a few members.

Mission RecapEdit

Rucho and Zakura wish to speak with Jiiru Gami at the Konoha Medical Institution. While on their journey they are ambushed by a ninja wearing a Kiri hunter-nin mask. He says he has been hired to kill the two by his client. The client wants them dead for reviving an organization that caused so much harm to the ninja world. A lengthy battle ensues. The hunter nin puts up a good fight, wounding Zakura in the leg and forcing Rucho to fight from the cover of the trees. In the end the ninja is forced to retreat, so he summons a large three headed dog to serve as a distraction. After the ninja defeat the dog they find a scorched mark left in the ground. It reads, “This isn’t over, I will remember you,” below that is the symbol of the Black Death. The ninja arrive in Konoha without any further trouble. They were not able to speak with Jiiru (time problems), this can be done in Roleplay on reddit. Jiiru is willing to align with them, and carries an overall friendly demeanor if anyone else plays him.

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