Mission DetailsEdit

  • Date: 2013-04-18
  • Submitted by: N/A
  • Rank: B
  • Overseer: boribori
  • Recapper: boribori
  • QP Reward: 5
  • Ryo Reward: 2000

Ninja TeamEdit

Mission ProfileEdit


Disable the communications tower.


A small team of ninja were tasked with getting inside the central security tower and cutting off the signals from there. If done so outsider aid for the Amegakure liberation efforts will have much less resistance to deal with.

Mission RecapEdit

Shinkiro, Okami, and Ryo were tasked with infiltrating the central security tower and disabling communications. Nothing was known about the layout of the building. Ryo scanned the area with his byakugan and noticed that there were two high level guards at the front door and that the building was full of ninja, civilians, and equipment.

The group hypothesized that they could get in by accessing the ducts linking many of the buildings, so they entered an abandoned building nearby and got into one of the ducts of that building, then navigated to one linked with the tower they were supposed to infiltrate. After a brief discussion of what to do when they reached the base of the comms tower, they started to climb up the duct, with Ryo seeing into the building with his byakugan to ascertain what was going on inside the building.

The duct led to the 10th floor and they snuck along the ceiling crawlspace to an empty room, where they henged as genin and went to the elevator where a civilian had been waiting a long time for the elevator. Taking a risk, they got on the elevator with him and they rode it up, with a stop on the 13th floor for the civilian to get out. They then continued on up to the 18th floor. Ryo noticed there was a high powered individual and civilians in the central communications room and the group prepared for the inevitable fight.

They entered the room henged as genin employees of the organization, but were quickly told to get out by the boss of the control room. As they were leaving, Shinkiro surprised the man with an attack, getting in a scratch before the man evaded, activated a strange dojutsu and dealt Shinkiro a solid blow. Okami incapacitated the civilians, who might have been able to call for backup or alert others of the attack, with a genjutsu. It was a tough battle, but they were able to beat the man. They then went to the roof, destroyed the transmitter's supports, and then fled down the side of the building while Shinkiro's clone pushed the transmitter off the roof to the ground below, drawing a great deal of attention and creating a distraction in which they could get away.

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