Name: Antimatter End
Kanji: 反物質エンド
Romanji: Tanmonoshitsu endo

Classification: Ninjutsu
Parent Rank: Antimatter
Class: Offensive
Range: Long
Hand Seals: N/a
Game Requirements
Chakra Control: 18
Chakra Level: 15

A property of Antimatter Structure adapted for more destruction. The user will make the object out of Antimatter. The user will then have to have the object and the opponent touch. If the object is in contact with the opponent, the user can activate the jutsu. Each particle of Antimatter collides with a particle that the user is trying to destroy. For however many particle of Antimatter there are in the object, thats how many particles are destroyed. This destroys the object in the process. For example, 35 G of antimatter is dropped onto a rock and the jutsu is activated, 35 G of that rock are destroyed. However, the jutsu takes a moment to activate, giving the opponent a slight chance to react.

This jutsu can only be taken if you have Negative Chakra, Antimatter Structure and a chakra control of 18.

(40 CP to activate the destruction)

Known Users:

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