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Explore the library and acquire stuff.


After sifting through some files in the library, Eclipse found several documents referencing a original library, after several months of searching through the library and the land, Eclipse has located the Library of Orochimaru. He doesn't know what dangers await so he shall find some companions to aid him in this exploration.

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Eclipse send out requests for aid to some of his friends and waited in a small village for his friends to arrive. When they did so they went into the forest where the Library of Orochimaru was supposed to be. They arrived at the location and found signs of others' having forced entry into the archive. They entered through the hole that the previous visitors had made and followed glow sticks down the hallways.

They encountered signs of looting and destruction. As they progressed, they encountered two of the looters in one of the rooms. Orr held Kantaro and Eclipse with his chakra chains, keeping them off the ground, while he floated, so that they were all very quietly moving down the hall. Kantaro and Eclipse were put into position and able to ambush the two men. It was a fairly easy fight, since the two men had been caught completely off guard and were in an enclosed space.

The group then moved on down the hallway, following the glowsticks, until they reached an ornate set of double doors, one of which was hanging off the hinges. Eclipse's summon, Oniko, scouted out quietly and told them that the men seemed to be expecting them. They discussed an unorthodox plan to try and gain some surprise on the group. Eclipse created three clones, henged two of them as Kantaro and Orr, then Orr blasted a hole in the wall and the clones rushed through, only to be pushed back by a wave of water. Then the younger of the two occupants of the library used his earth release to create pillars that the trio had to dodge. Eclipse charged in and went for the younger man, who defended with swords, which Eclipse was able to put explosive tags on. He detonated these as he retreated, blowing the young man's hands off. His clones tried to take on the older man, but were dispelled with a fire attack. Kantaro moved in with a shockwave and shuriken barrage that struck the older man, who retaliated with a huge fireball, which set half the library on fire. Kantaro evaded using his lightning tether and then killed the older man with an energy arrow. Meanwhile, Orr served as support, using chakra chains to improve defense and boost chakra levels. At the end, Orr put out the fire using his water scroll, although half the contents were badly damaged.