Arya Maki
Personal Information
Username /u/Seianat
Age 15
Gender Female
Height 5'7
Weight 135lbs
Affiliation Takigakure
Clan Maki
Rank Chunin


9/20/13 inactive

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Arya is a very upbeat yet emotional chick. She's trying to come out of her shell, but sometimes she gets uncomfortable about the stuff she does. She's nice when she's not being patronized. She likes to laugh and have fun with her friends, but when she's tired she really doesn't like to take any bullshit. She has a knack of keeping sand in her pocket to throw. Arya also creates a crazy act when she gets frightened. She also likes booty. She has yellow eyes and light blonde hair with a skinny build. She has a tiny mouth and a long nose. She has long bottom eyelashes that she likes to put a bit on eyeliner on the bottom corner of her eyes. She has long legs and a shorter torso. 


Total Stats: 52
Strength 7
Speed 8
Intelligence 10
Chakra Levels 9
CP: [(RU * 10) + (5 * CL)] 65
Chakra Control 9
Endurance 9
Banked 0

Rank UpgradesEdit

Genin 1: Scorch Release
Genin 2: Fire Release
Chunin: N/A
Jonin: N/A
S-Rank: N/A
Kage Rank: N/A


Feats earned so far: 5
Banked feats: 0

Cap resets on: 7/20/13 7/12

  1. Scorch Release: Searing Strikes - The user channels chakra into their fists, and use their Scorch Release chakra to surround them in white flames. Wherever the flames hit on the opponents body, a small portion of water inside their body is boiled. This makes the user able to quickly tire out and dehydrate the opponent. [10 CP activation, 5 CP upkeep]
  2. +5 Stat increase
  3. +5 Stat increase
  4. Scorch Release: Steaming Barrier - The user forms a barrier of pure scorch release chakra in front of them which dehydrates anything that passes through it. [20 CP]
  5. Scorch Release: Extremely Steaming Murder - The user creates several flaming orbs that resemble small suns. These orbs rotate around the user and can be freely controlled to attack enemies. When an orb touches an opponent, it apparently evaporates all the water inside their body, leaving them in a mummified state. When this happens, steam can be seen emitting from the opponent's body. [20 CP activation, 10 CP upkeep]


  • (3) Three Flash Bombs
  • (3) Set of kunai
  • (1) Slingshot
  • (1) Weighted Chain


  • Ryo earned: 7500
  • Ryo left: 7500

Completed MissionsEdit

Quest points

  • Total: 21
  • Banked: 4

S-Rank: 0

A-Rank: 0

B-Rank: 2

3v3 in the Village

The Capturing of Evil Nobu

C-Rank: 4

Goddamit Nappa

The Many (Part 1)

The Power of Friendship

D-Rank: 0

Raids: 0

Other: 4

The Radical Satanist [OS] [Recap]

A Stroll

After a few meetings

Knocking on Strider's Door

History and StoryEdit

Arya Maki was born to a woman named Shoko Maki in Takigakure. Her father was a konoha ninja, who was being chased by Takigakure ninja. Shoko helped him get on his feet again, and eventually, the two of them bore a child, named Arya Maki. For six years, the child grew up with the two of them in the countryside of Takigakure. However, soon Arya found her mother killing her father. Her mother had to explain to her that the father was planning on using Shoko and Arya as hostages for ransom money. Disturbed, Arya and Shoko both trained to be ninja, and Arya discovered her kekkei genkai, the Scorch Release. They trained, and Arya became a skilled fighter. Later at age 8, Shoko left her in the city of Takigakure, saying she must go on a secret mission. Shoko disappeared, and Arya was left to fend for herself, believing her mother had died. She became a ninja for Takigakure, and trained hard, finally becoming a genin.


Kazuki Itou: Kazu first met Arya at a bar trying to pick her up, the two became friends shortly after. Arya loves to play with Kat.

Tiburan Momochi: Met Tibs when staying outside in the rain. The two became close friends shortly after.

Nobu the Walking Bomb: Nobu freaks Arya out. He seems very dangerous, she's always careful around him.

Strider: She hated Strider at first, hating even his nickname for her-Chain Girl. She grew to deal with his personality more and more until she considers herself a friend of him.

Rose: Strider's sister, she decided she liked her from the moment she spoke. The two became friends very quickly.


Arya was called into action when Sejio-ro took power. She described him as terrifying. He labeled Nobu the Walking Bomb as the primary enemy and terrorist against Takigakure. She has been ordered that if they see him, to run and report his wereabouts.

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