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Assassinate a General from the Land of Fangs.


An anonymous party has offered a large sum of Ryo to assassinate a General from the Land of Fangs. This information has found its way into the hands of Orr, who has decided that he would like to collect on this bounty. So it's up to him to find friends/allies to do this. Information has been provided: the General was last seen along the northern border of the Land of Fangs and he is always accompanied by at least 3 ninjas of unknown rank and abilities. Due to some sensitive political issues, it's been requested that those who accept this assignment hide their identity and village affiliation.

Mission RecapEdit

Orr waited at a rendezvous point for Okami, Shinkiro, and Kantaro to join them. He then gave each a package with a mask and explained their mission. With their masks received and donned, they headed for the northern portion of the Land of Fangs. As they were admiring the beautiful landscape they noticed figures off in the distance and decided to investigate to see if that was their target and his associates.The group split up and made their way towards the figures. Shinkiro disguised himself as a shepherd and Kantaro disguised himself as a sheep so that they could do some closer recon and identify their target. They identified the leader as the general who was the target of their assignment and began a surprise attack.

Orr attacked from the distance with a particle bomb, which the general dodged. Shinkiro and Okami both body flickered in. Okami was able to use rasengan strike a man with a tiger mask, while Shinkiro hit a woman in a cat mask with his katanas. He was able to quickly overpower her and end her life. Kantaro used his zero pressure technique to drain air from the area, causing everyone to choke except for the general and one of his associates in a dragon mask; both of them used mud projection fish to escape. The general then attacked Kantaro from behind and the two engaged in combat before Shinkiro moved in to fight the general instead. Shinkiro was able to use his masks and battle prowess to overpower and mortally wound the general.

Meanwhile, Okami fought and defeated the taijutsu user and used his own summons to combat the spider that the general summoned to the battlefield. A short distance from the fight, Orr was trying to provide ranged support with particle bombs, though the man in a dragon mask used earth release and explosive clay animals to fight at him. When his associates and boss were dead, the last man fled the battlefield.

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