Mission DetailsEdit

  • Date: 6/23/13
  • Submitted by: Orr Tann
  • Rank: S
  • Overseer: Shinkiro Gami
  • Recapper: Shinkiro Gami
  • QP Reward: 4
  • Ryo Reward: 6000

Ninja TeamEdit

  • Orr Tann
  • Nui Uchiha
  • Kantaro Uzumaki

Mission ProfileEdit


Assassinate the primary council member of the land of fangs. The man is the country’s top military official.


The official is gathering for a small council meeting in an isolated tower in the land of fangs. The tower will be heavily guarded, and four council members will be within. The general is a renowned ninja, and the other three ninja are fairly strong in their own right.

Mission RecapEdit

The party arrives in the land of fangs and sees the tower rising atop a hill in the distance. As they draw nearer they identify 3 pairs of ninja guarding the perimeter. Two pair of ninja circulate the tower is large roaming arcs, the final pair guards the front door. The party decides to simply attack these ninja and be done with it; surrounding the tower and preventing escape in the process. The guards were mere jonin and against the S-rank party were dispatched with ease. The party then entered the tower where they found the four council members ready to fight. Since all the party members entered through the front door the council members ran out the back where they could fight on more open terrain. The council split off into groups with the leader attacking Nui, a thread user attacking Kant, a Nara attacking Orr, and an earth user throwing up earth walls to block attacks for his friends.  The leader was a monster of a man and highly skilled kenjtusu user. He used a two handed sword in combination with his great strength and could use a jutsu to further increase the swords cutting power. He was able to almost shear through one of Nui’s kantanas using this. He also possessed a chakra shroud/armor ability. Initially this ability prevented some damage and increased his strength. When severely injured this served as a rage ability. The Shroud granted massive strength and speed boosts, a protective aura that was able to stave off Nui’s Amaterasu, and created three chakra based swords that attacked independently of the man. The thread user created strands of incredibly sharp chakra that could be used to ensnare and eviscerate opponents. The earth user could create up to 40 CP earth walls and the Nara could use shadow jutsu typical of the clan. The party finished off the general first, after that Kantaro finished off the thread user and Nara with a Photon Missile. The earth user ran away after his friends had been killed.

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