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Ninja TeamEdit

Mission ProfileEdit


Reach the rendezvous site where the rest of Inquisition's members are going to be before continuing on to the new base.


The new base for Inquisition has been cleared of trespassers and is now ready for Shinkiro to move his group in and start arranging things. The large group of ninja he has assembled is fairly conspicuous and could easily attract unwanted attention. Thus, the group has been broken up, their departures have been staggered, and numerous routes to a rendezvous site near the future base have been chosen, all to throw off would-be thwarters and keep the location secret. Kantaro and Shinkiro are on their way to the rendezvous point when they are ambushed by members of the Forgotten.

Mission RecapEdit

The Forgotten who ambushed them were armed with wrist-shuriken repeaters, some interesting armor, electric batons and all sorts of fun grenades, including some that prevented chakra use for extended periods of time. For extra fun, they called in one of their nearby guys in a mecha suit, who showed up armed with projectiles and some electrified cables (tentacles). The lack of chakra made it difficult for Kantaro to fight the men, although Shinkiro had little trouble with them. The mecha, however, gave Shinkiro trouble and forced him to flee and think fast.

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