Mission DetailsEdit

Date: 7/18/13

Submitter: N/A

Overseer: Tiburan Momochi

Recapper: Amaya Hozuki Rank: B

Reward: 3 QP and 3000 ryo

Participants: Amaya Hozuki, Clais Hontane, Ryuu Uzumaki, Michito


Clais, Amaya, Michito, and Ryuu woke up on a strange island, where they ran into an odd deerman running through the forest. He was being pursued by an odd group of game hunters, one of which killed their teammate. They hid, and never saw them again. Michito fell down a trap pit, and was going to be...sodomized a guy called Buck. However, the brave Clais went in after him. After some combat, using His special blade, the two were pretty even, until Clais landed a nut-shot, buck went down, and the two escaped uninjured mostly. Meanwhile, Amaya encountered some other hunters who wanted her dead, but she and Ryuu were able to take them down using Seishin power and a Fireball Jutsu, Amaya using her beam, shroud and kamasutachi. they left behind a boat, which they used to escape, vowing never to return. 

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