Baku Anime
Personal Information
Username /u/FallenWind
Age  ???
Gender N/a
Height 20'00"
Weight 1500 lbs
Affiliation None
Clan N/A
Rank NPC/Kage


Appearance and PersonalityEdit

It is a gigantic elephantine chimera, large enough to dwarf Sasuke's Susanoo. It has tiger-like limbs and bandages wrapped all around its head similar to Danzō and armour on the base of the trunk and between the eyes. It is predominantly dark orange in colour with the exception of its trunk, legs and the markings around its eyes. Its feet are also striped; reminiscent of those of a tiger and it also has huge tusks and what looks like a beard, as well as long, sharp claws.

The Baku is a giant beast driven by a self-righteous personality. He is focused on vengeance and realizes that humans alone cannot make right with might. Therefore, he helps humans with his might. Previously, he just devoured the nightmares and dreams of humans, but after experiencing defeat by a certain ninja from Kumogakure, he respects humans, but pities them, because most are unable to enact the vengeance they deserve.



Strength: 20

Speed: 22

Intelligence: 20

Chakra Control: 13

Endurance: 10


  1. Devour Jutsu- The Baku inhales infinitely, and everything around him is sucked in, with a great force, similar to a vaccum. (20 CP per turn)
  2. Vaccum Blast- A large bullet of wind, with a powerful vaccum inside, is launched out of the Baku's mouth. When someone is hit, the vacuum collapses in on the object, causing it to be crushed under the enormous amount of pressure. (40 CP)
  3. Genjutsu: Nightmares- The opponent is placed under a genjutsu upon eye-contact with the Baku, which makes them feel as if they are getting the emotion, dreams and all happiness sucked out of them. It paralyzes the opponent. (20 CP)

History and StoryEdit

Baku was born in the spirit world out of the nightmares and dreams of many humans. As he was born from it, he convinced himself that his purpose in life was to devour the dreams of humans for the rest of his life. He grew more powerful from the more dreams he consumed. However, one day, he was attacked by the 2nd Raikage. The 2nd Raikage was able to dra a stalemate with him and almost defeat him, which greatly impressed Baku. He rededicated his life to helping humans enact their personal vengeance. He resided in Kumogakure and slept, and if someone came to with a request, he most likely would fulfill it. Very few truly knew about him though. Danzo was one of the first to find him, who put him under the summoning contract. However, after Danzo's death, the Baku returned to his home, waiting for another human.

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