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Character Design

In order to join our RP, you will need to make a character. You can find more information on how to do so on this page. And a beginner's primer on stats and combat here

Be sure to read that page thoroughly, almost all the info on it is important for making your own ninja. This includes explanations of what the stats mean for your character in combat, the difference between rank upgrades and feats, and hot to determine how much chakra your attacks use.

Note that knowing everything on the wiki is not necessary for getting started. And if you need help, you can always ask the mods!

Your character should ideally be part of a village. Check the Factions page for more information on the villages, including what is currently on going in each village. However, a good number of people start as "wanderers" or "travelers".

Look at the different clans available to be a member of here - or even make your own! If you're joining an existing clan, check for member limits and any restrictions to see if they are open and be aware of recent canonical developments.

Note - Unless your character plans involve entirely original areas and/or clans, you should check with the existing game canon first. Depending on what you are looking for, this information can be found on the storyline page or on on the relevant village/clan/area's page. If in doubt, please consult with the mods to maintain consistency. While most files are updated with major developments or every few weeks, if you're in doubt as to whether something is current please check. If a canonical aspect seems underdeveloped here, let the mods know you're interested in filling it out more.

As you role play and your character develops, visit this page for simple instructions on how to improve your character by adding to your stats and gaining new abilities.

Look here to see some other players' characters, and try not to clone them.

Once you have made a character, you can submit them for approval.


One character per player, until your character hits 45 feats, then you may make and play another one. Inactives/backups can be made at any time, but they cannot be used in game until you choose to switch from an active character to an inactive character. Inactives are not NPCs and remain inactive and "off screen" so long as they are listed as inactives.

Etiquette and fair play are important in role playing! Check out Nafarias' Guide to Roleplaying Etiquette for some guidelines and rules to be aware of.

Our guidelines on earning QP should also be read - this will tell you how to earn QP, which is used to purchase feats that enable your character to learn more abilities, grow stronger, and advance through ranks. The most important thing to take from this is that you can early a total of 12 QP a week, and 9 of that 12 can come from RP threads on the sub.

NPC rules - You can make an NPC of any level (within reason) with any abilities for your character to fight or interact with. Others can join you in fighting this character. These NPCs can provide useful information about your character's past or background and serve as a means for developing your character. You cannot make NPCs to do any of the following: protect your character, fight against other characters in lieu of your own character doing so, or serve as a tool for providing information relating to other characters or plots not of your own making. Inactive characters are not NPCs. NPCs of your own making are not autonomous and are limited to interactions with your own character.


Check out the storyline so far here!

Have fun!

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