Jutsu that use Blood and all of the taboo along with it!

RU has not been used in a long time and may be out of date. If you wish to take this RU, contact the ephors to work on updating the RU.


Note: All jutsu listed were taken from existing characters' pages, and they do not contain all of the feats you can take under [the rank upgrade the page is about]. Feel free to add more if you create them or in the occasion you take them from the Naruto canon but they aren't listed here!
Note 2 Note Harder: Supercharge costs are not added since they depend on a character's CC, but upkeep costs are, after the description of each feat.
Note 3 Note Harderer: Notes about special cases or factors, if not in the feat's description, will. Always. Be. After. The. Description.

Basic (10 CP) JutsuEdit

Intermediate (20 CP) JutsuEdit

Blood Rush - The users adrenaline is forced and is created rapidly, causing their reflex to greatly enhance. +8 partial to Speed for dodging. 

Blood Shield - A floating ring of blood surrounds the user ait waist-length. The can use it to grow and resize in order protect them from incoming attacks without having to sacrifice precious actions of their own. [+8 partial to Endurance for toughness]

Blood Well' - The user creates a massive sphere of blood that interconnects blood clones and the user. While they split both chakra and health, they also share it now and can transfer it to one another via the blood well. This technique is extremely taxing, draining 20 CP a round.  

Blood Transportation - The user explodes and condenses into a small sphere of blood that dissapates. From there they're able to jump out of a bleeding wound or any open souce of blood that is within sight from where the origin is cast. If not they are simply reformed where they where once standing. [20/10]

Blood clone - **

Taxing (40 CP) JutsuEdit

Flight of Blood - Removed, hue

Blood SealingEdit

By combining the Sealing Specialist Rank up along with Blood Release, a character is able to make blood seals. Though much like a normal seal there are two major differences. Blood seals are almost always more powerful than a normal seal, at a cost. Depending on the blood seal, the user either loses points of Endurance permenantly or temporarily in most seals. Temporary lose can be regained after the encounter.

Blood Yin Seal- Functions the same as Yin seal, and the next ninjutsu cast can be supercharged to a degree at no extra cost. (CP Gained: 30 for 1 feat and his next supercharge gets 10 cp worth of supercharge for free, 65 for 2 feats and his next supercharge gets 20 cp worth of supercharge for free, 100 for 3 feats and his next supercharge gets 30 cp worth of supercharge for free. The user temporarily loses a point of endurance for each feat invested into this when expended, it cannot be healed until the fight is over. Note that this cannot be used alongside Yin Seal and the supercharges are not stacking.)

Blood Seal: Explosion Trap  - Works the same as Seal: Explosion, with added blood spikes sprouting from it, it can also be placed on objects and the ground. (10 CP / -1 Temp End) 

Blood Chakra Chains - Works the same Chakra Chains, however the are strengthened by the blood-infused chakra.  This cannot be taken with Chakra Chains

Level 1 - 1 set 4 chains that function as a single unit. This unit grants 1 additional action per turn. If used as a physical attack it does 10 CP of damage. Costs 10 CP / 5 CP upkeep. -0 temp end(functions the same)
Level 2 - 2 sets 8 chains that function as 2 units. Each unit grants an extra attack/action per turn (2 total) that does 10 CP worth of damage or 1 unit can be sacrificed to do 20 CP worth of damage (1 attack). Costs 20 CP / 10 CP upkeep. -2 temp end
Level 3 - 3 sets  12 chains that function as 3 units. Each unit grants an extra attack/action per turn (3 total). Extra attacks individually are equal to 40% of the user's strength stat for striking purposes. Two units can be sacrificed for an additional attack worth 75% of the user's strength stat (1 extra action). Costs 40 CP / 20 CP upkeep. -3 temp end
Level 4 - 4 sets  16 chains that function as 4 units, each of which grants an extra attack. If all 4 units are used at once (4 attacks/actions), they each have an individual strength of 40% of the user's strength stat for striking purposes. Two sets can be sacrificed for two attacks at 60% of the user's strength stat, or three can be sacrificed for one additional attack with the full power of the user's strength stat. Costs 40 CP/round. -4 temp end


Blood Sealing/HealingEdit

With a healing RU and a sealing RU, there are even more blood seals that can be made.

Blood Seal: Organ Stashing - The user places a group of organs within a seal, protecting making the body much hardier as the seals are placed on bone. If a seal is broken the organs are lost unless the user can recreate the seal quickly. (With three feats invested all internal organs are able to be stashed away, each feat consuming 1 point of endurance permanantly. Recreating a seal costs 40 CP and must be done quickly at the risk of death) 

Blood Seal: Limb Regeneration - Using seals placed inside the bodies, the user can regenerate a limb, or even multiple limbs. This only requires one feat, but the body parts under this seal must be noted on the page.(20 CP to activate or placea seal, -1 Temp End each activation) 

Current UsersEdit

Momo Gami

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