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Members are to recon the Kiri port until they can witness confirm an illegal transaction between the smugglers and the suppliers. Once confirmed, the ninja are to apprehend the smugglers, alive if possible, and bring them in for questioning.


A recent wave of stolen goods has been flooding into Kirigakure. The Kage has decided to do something about it after receiving a tip that the smugglers would be meeting with suppliers at Kiri's port.

Mission RecapEdit

Zennosuke, Taro, and Nobu gathered in Kiri to discuss the mission set before them. They decided that Taro would look from the roof of a warehouse to scout out any possibly suspicious activity. While up there he noticed one boat that had very little going on compared with the others, but his recon ended because Zennosuke kept asking him what was going on, and all the conversation attracted attention to them.

The ninja went out onto the docks to do recon and first approached the suspiciously quiet boat. They were in the way of traders and dockhands, so they decided to split up and look for anything that looked like it might be illegal. Taro observed the boat the group was next to and saw only a trader and a dockhand leave it and load a cart with a single crate.

Zennosuke and Nobu went to the warehouse, where they observed a deal going on between two different groups. They thought they saw contraband, so Zennosuke stepped forward to demand information. The leader refused to give answer, so Zennosuke attacked. The attack caused a majority of the smugglers to flee, including the leader who left behind his second to deal with the ninjas. Taro blasted a hole in the roof of the warehouse to try and take out some of the smugglers, which only caused them to flee quicker, including the supplier of the contraband. Nobu took care of one of the fleeing smugglers, but was then attacked by the second in command. Zennosuke took down one of the smugglers, then fought with a slightly skilled blond haired man, who he was able to get the better of by using his Willow Dance. Taro used his sonic wave to hit everyone in the warehouse, then attacked the second in command with his sectumsempra, nearly severing the man's arm. Nobu moved in to finish him off and blew off his arm, then took him out of the building. Taro tried to scout for one of the smugglers that fled, but was unable to, and he destroyed the building.

In the end, the group returned with 2 prisoners for interrogation. The Mizukage was not pleased with the destruction of the Kiri warehouse.

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