Mission Details Edit

Ninja TeamEdit

Mission ProfileEdit


To have a friendly spar.

Mission Recap:Edit

Bunrakuken is training in the forest when Arata comes to greet him. They introduce themselves to eachother and they decide to have a quick spar. Arata activates his byakugan, while Bunrakuken uses shadow clone jutsu to attack Arata from two sides. Arata sees through this with his byakugan and destroys the clone, but still gets hit by Bunrakuken's punch. Arata kicks  Bunrakuken sending him back.  Bunrakuken uses wood cutting to create a wooden sword and he stands in a defensive stance. Arata jumps up to a tree bracng and back down behind Bunrakuken trying to hit him with the gentle fist, while he succeeds Bunrakuken gets a big slash along Arata's arm in. Arata then continous to swipe Bunrakuken of off his feet. Bunrakuken gets a small cut on Arata's forehead in, but is swep of his feet. Arata then helps Bunrakuken up as a friendly gesture stopping the spar. 

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