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In search for food, Allen entered a café, where he met Ryujin, who was reading a book in there.

Mission RecapEdit

After Allen found Ryujin in a random café in Konoha, the two began talking, and after a bit Ryujin asked him if he'd like to go swimming with her. The two went to a secluded pond in Konoha's outskirts, exchanging small talk, Ryujin telling Allen how she had only shown the pond to people she trusted... which included Hayate Yuki and Chihiro AkaBara.

The two arrived at the pond after a bit of running, where the two discovered that Chi and Hayate were there, the latter making a surprise entrance before diving. Ryujin and Allen followed, jumping into the water. Hayate went off to an underwater cave after Ryujin berated him about being there, while Chihiro teased Ryujin and Allen about being on a date. Blushing, Ryujin denied before offering food to Allen. The two went off to where Ryujin hid food, and while eating, Allen was surprised to see that Ryujin had scooted over and was leaning her head on his shoulder. Though a bit nervous, he slipped his hand into hers.

Though she hadn't noticed at first, Ryujin blushed profusely when she saw that she was holding hands with Allen, and jumped into the water before splashing him. The two began splashing each other, and after Ryujin used Water Release to make Allen resurface, she approached him and brushed a stray hair out of his eyes. He supressed his nervousness, leaning in before the two kissed. Separating, both decided that they should go back to where Chi and Hayate were before they saw anything, since neither wanted to get teased.

It was not to be, though; Hayate had been in the underwater cave, seeing everything. After he swam away to talk to Chihiro, Ryujin said that Hayate was probably going to tell Chihiro she was Allen's girlfriend... which lead to him asking her officially. Now in a relationship and (kind of) prepared for teasing, the two decided to go back to where Chihiro and Hayate were.

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