Everyone is razzled by who is the Crimson Lotus and why are towns quickly dissapearing in Konoha. In this C rank Mission we have 4 characters trying to figure this out by capturing an informant from the Crimson Lotus


8/17/2013  8-12PM CST +4 qp 1000 ryo

  • Akahito 
  • Vald
  • Hiro
  • Raiklo

OS: Ephy


The mission was sent to the south of Konoha where a recent village has been raided by the Sound ninja and the Crimson Lotus. It was up to these four to gather intellegence about the Sound ninja and/or the Crimson Lotus. Raiklo was considered the leader of this mission at the start. However, his insanity got to him in the long run.

Akahito and Vald went on a different path into the village that Hiro and Raiklo. Splittling up into teams of two was thought of by Hiro. While Vald and Akahito were looking for some intel about the town and it's status  Raiklo and Hiro split from each other. Raiklo, in a mad rage was about to kill the informant due to his grotesque speeches about seeing the head of the kage infront of the gates of Konoha. Akahito thought this was just a normal citizen and stopped Raiklo from hurting the man.

Suddenly two thugs appeared once the informant was trying to escape. Raiklo severed high injurous wounds that akahito had to attend to while the informant was being interrogated at the end. Once the fight was over the informant was knocked unconcious and was shot a truth arrow at in which the informant revealed information to Vald such as where the location of his boss, Iro was hidding in the Red Fortress. Vald grew tired of his bickering and yammering and killed the informant after the informant released information. Raiklo insanity was still not controled so Raiklo was knocked unconcious and brought back to HQ.  

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