NEw Celeste


Personal Information
Username /u/Justice1022
Age 18
Gender Female
Height 5'6"
Weight 110lbs
Affiliation None
Clan None
Rank S-Rank


4/5/15 26 feats bori v3.5

Appearance and Personality

Celeste is a cheery young woman, she loves to joke, and she is a tad quirky, but is a joy to be around and is a kind person. Celeste has light auburn hair she wears tied up in a bun and caramel colored eyes. She wears a white collared button down shirt and a blue skirt during her casual time. After a long pilgrimage she has become devout in her religion, following the ideal that one journey to self fulfillment never ends.

Celeste's Casual outfit

Summon Animals

Katsuyu:Katsuyu is an enormous entity whose true size is unknown. In fact, unlike other summons which may be multiple in number as well as vary in size, the slugs summoned by Celeste are all in fact portions of the same entity. The general size of the summoned portion of Katsuyu is easily as tall as the largest building in konoha. It is predominantly white in colour with three blue streaks that run vertically down the middle and side of its body from its head and tapering off at its tail. Its optical tentacles have a slight tint of grey to them and it also has two sensory tentacles on either side of its mouth.


A Lovely Time, Anytime


(Total: 212)
Strength: 20
Speed: 34
Chakra Levels: 23
Chakra Control: 26
Endurance: 18
CP: 160
Super Charge: +40

Rank Upgrades

Genin 1: Light Style
Genin 2: Wind Style
Chunin: Summoning Contract: Slugs
Jonin: Luminous Release
S-Rank: Weapons Specialist
Kage Rank: N/A


Feats earned so far: 26
Banked feats: 0

Wind Release

  1. Wind Style:Severing Gale - Celeste covers her hand in wind chakra, when she swings her hand, a arc of razor sharp air will fly in the same arc Celeste swings her hand.(20CP))
  2. Wind release: Hurricane Force - Celeste draws her arm or arms back then pushes forward sending an insanely powerful blast of wind in that direction. This can also be used to generate a blast around Celeste that is a cicular shape 10 feet in diameter. The blast is strong enough to level some buldings and send even large tress flying away, allowing Celeste to use the enviroment to attack as well. (40cp)
  3. Rushing Breeze - Celeste cloaks her body in a light wind that will push air in the direction she is going, increasing speed. [+8 speed, 20/round]
  4. Wind Meld- Celeste melds her body with the wind, while melded, she cannot be harmed by anything except flames, however she also cannot attack or affect anything while melded, this ability is especially useful in avoiding strong attacks and preventing damage for massive AoE. [40 to activate. 20 to maintain]

Light Release

  1. Light Release: Dark Piercing Light - Celeste points her hand at a target, and massive spears of light appear and fire at the target at high speeds. (10 Cp, THIS IS STILL BEAM CARNIVAL, just renamed.)
  2. Light Style: Smite - A Beam of light energy is fired from the users hand(s) the beam is extremely hot, and powerful, The beam is continuously fired for 4 seconds, in which the user can move their hand to follow the target. (Cp-20)
  3. Light Release: Divine Ray - Celeste charges up an orb of light in her hand(s), it is about the same size as her, then she fires off hundreds of homing beams that will chase the target, this attack has devastating damage with it, and Celeste can fire at a target, or over a large area. [40 Cp]
  4. Light Release: Perfect Obliteration- Celeste creates a small orb of light that she controls, then when she chooses the orb will erupt into a massive sphere of extremely hot light. The orb is small enough to move undetected if one isnt looking for it, allowing for stealthy explosions.  [40 cp]
  5. Light Release: Binding Chains of Light- Celeste fires off an orb that will send out chains and grab her target. This follows normal bind rules. [40 cp]

Luminous Release

  1. Divine Form: Flight - Celeste creates a pair of ethereal wings on which she can fly  [10activation, 5/round]
  2. Starsign Seal - A Shining seal on the top of Celestes hand, it glows dimly with divine chakra and once activated it will cause Celeste to shimmer and restore her chakra. [1 feat so far, 30 cp restored]
  3. Starsign Seal Level 2 - 65 restored.
  4. Starsign Seal Level 3 - 100 cp restored.

Summoning: Slugs

  1. Summoning Contract: Slugs - Celeste has a contract with the powerful slugs of Shikkotsu Forest she summons pieces of the great slug Katsuyu.
    • Summon Katsuyu [40 cp]
    • Summoning: Extra CP - Katsuyu - 82 CP instead of 41, allowing her to stay in battle much longer
    • Summoning:  Katsuyu - +40 SP - Adds 40SP to Katsuyus total SP.
    • Summoning: Katsuyu- Medical Ninjutsu-  Katsuyu can use medical ninjutsu.
  • Mystical Slug Healing- Katsuyu lays on a wound and will heal it,or heal herself. [20cp, 40 healed]
  • Delicate Slug Poison Extraction- Katsuyu will bite a tiny hole in the skin of the target and begin pumping healing chakra to expel poison, drastically reducing its effect. [20 cp(can be supercharged to meet the base cp of the poison) -1 turn of debuff]


Strength 5
Speed 10

21(+35 supercharge)



Weapons Specialist

  1. Last Whisper - A strange katana that seems to be perpetually cloaked in wind, the blade is a deep grey, but seems to be almost in motion as air flows around it.
    Blazblue alter memory-09-jin-yukianesa-nox nyctores-ice-sword-wind-fighting

    Last Whisper

    The wielder can send wind chakra into the blade and use it to create a wall of wind that will redirect attacks in the direction the wind blows, which is up to the user. Physical contact with the wall will result int the attacker either being thrown in the winds direction or at least slowed momentarily. (20cp, lasts 2 rounds)[Legendary Sword]
  2. Hurricane Stance-The user enters a stance that allows their physical attacks to be amplified drastically by using wind to sharpen slashes. (+8 full to str, 20 cp per round)
  3. Lambent Light- A unique edged rapier designed for both stabbing and slashing. The blade passively drains 10 cp per hit, up to 40 cp can be invested to drain Cp+1.5+10. If not, the CP invested is gone. [Legendary Sword]
    Lambent Light

    Lambent Light


  1. Stats +8 x5
  2. One Handed Seals - This allows the user to cast jutsu with one hand, allowing them to hold a weapon in the other


  • (4) Medium Armor
  • (3) Blood Increasing Pill x1
  • (6) Chakra Pillsx2
  • (4) Three Fuma shuriken
  • (0) Last Whisper
  • (0) Lambent Light
  • (0) Raid Token
  • (0) Sword of Justiciar[5 uses left]


  • Ryo earned: 56,000 [17,500 from Mina, 15500 from Arya]
  • Ryo Left: 28,000
  • -20k for feat changed
  • -10k for partial feat changed
  • -20,000 for feat changed
  • -50,000 RU changed
  • (25k Bounty for killing Jakiro)

Completed Missions Quest points

  • Total: 191
  • Banked: 7

S-Rank: 5

The Libray of Dylath-Leen QP-4 ryo-2000

The Most Boring Mission Ever Qp-3 Ry0-1500

Light vs. Dark QP-4 Ryo-2000

Insurrection Foiled Qp-3 Ryo-1500

The sub is alive! Qp-4 Ryo-6000

A-Rank: 13

Fishermans sword Qp-4 ryo-2k

Moon Sword QP-4 Ryo-2000

Cave of Iron Qp-4 Ryo-2000

The Blue and Red Monks Qp-4 Ryo-2000

Last Whisper QP-4 Ryo-2000

Jewel of the Vines Qp-2 Ryo-4000

The Death of the Collective Qp-2 Ryo-4000

Retrieving the Staff of Light Qp-4 Ryo 2000 Reward:Staff of Light

A Mysterious Test QP-4 Ryo-4000

Claiming the Ark QP-4 Ryo-6000

Blood is Art Qp-2 Ryo-4000 QP-3 Ryo-300

The shadow Princess Qp-4 Ryo-4000

B-Rank: 11

Room QP-4 ryo-2000

Winged Tar Monster QP-4  Ryo-2000

Only a Partial Failure QP-4 Ryo-2000

Eating Contest Qp-4 Ryo-2000

Stephen Kings NightmareQP-4 Ryo-2000

Gathering Intel QP-4 ryo-2000
The Walking Worm: QP-4 Ryo-2000
The MAN'O'War: QP-4 Ryo-2000
Blood: QP-3 Ryo-3000
[Stalling Thief] QP-4 Ryo-3000
[The black Basilisk]:QP-4 Ryo-3000

C-Rank: 3
[8 Tentacle freaksQp-2 Ryo-1000
Moderators...: QP-4 Ryo-1000
Recovering Lost Children: QP-4 Ryo-1000

D-Rank: 1 QP-2

Raids: 2

Oni Lord Tharaxius Qp-5 Ryo-6000 1 raid token

The Defeat of the Crimson Lotus Qp-5 ryo-3000 Sword of justiciar

Other: 49

Quiet Time QP-3 Ry-1500 (10/30/15)

Champion Of The Just QP-2 Ryo-1000(11/1/2015)

An Explosion is heard... Qp-2 ryo-1000(11/8/15)

Waiting for Celeste Qp-1 Ryo-500 1-19-2014

Madness Decends! Qp-2

Avoiding Cannibals

Jeisen is Sad Qp-1 Ryo-500

Laying around Qp-1 Ryo-500

Enterance Toiyarochi QP-1 Ryo-500

Softest Dragons ever Qp-1 Ryo-500

Squad 14 recovery Qp-1 Ryo-500

Beach DAy! Qp-1 Ryo-500

Breaking Trees Qp-1 Ryo-500

Crystal Cave Qp-1 Ryo-500

The time is now QP-1 Ryo-500

Cant sleep Qp-1 Ryo-500

A womans Job Qp-1 Ryo500

Laying in konohas Training Field Qp-1 Ryo-500

Not Enough Time QP-1 Ryo-500

To Clear things Up Qp-1 Ryo-500

Guess Who's back! Qp-1 Ryo-500

bloodbending QP-1 Ryo-500

[Training in the forestQp-1 Ryo-500

[[1]] QP-1 Ryo-500

Catching up Qp-1 Ryo-500

[Some Talking On the Road]Qp-1 Ryo-500

[PropositionQp-1 Ryo-500

[Celeste and Bunrakuken vs. Jeisen annd Hokori]Qp-1 Ryo-500

[Drinking at a Bar] QP-1 Ryo-500

Near Death Qp-1 Ryo-500

[Traveling again] QP-1 Ryo-500

[Meeting of Powers]Qp-1 Ryo-500

[Memories of Death] QP-1 Ryo-500

[Land of Hot water] QP-1 Ryo-500

The Performer: QP-1 Ryo-500 (6-3-2013) Qp-1 Ryo-500 QP-1 Ryo-500

Fixing up a Puppet Qp-1 Ryo-500

Can't Sleep: QP-1 Ryo-500 QP-1 Ryo-500 QP-1 Ryo-500

Meeting of Powers: QP-1 Ryo-500

[[ QP-1 Ryo-500 QP-1 Ryo-500 QP-1 Ryo-500

Overseen: 6

Destroy the Shrine Qp-3 Ryo-1500

Snow Rangers Cubed! Qp-3 Ry0-1500

The warehouse prsioner Qp-2 Ryp-1500

The Burning City QP-3 Ryo-1500

Spiders, Swords, Scientists... Oh My! Qp-2 Ryo-1500

The drug bust QP-3 Ryo-1500

History and Story

Celeste lived a happy life as a singer, dancer and musician of a gypsy caravan, they performed in many places and she was happy! One day Kirigaya was viewing the performance and spoke with her, he discovered her abilites and took her as an apprentice, teaching her the Light Style. She helped develop the cloud stepper technique. Celeste does not know of her family, but doesn't feel the need to find them.

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