Introduction to the Chakra Control stat

Chakra control determines how well you can use jutsu. This affects the strength of your jutsu (base costs of jutsu and supercharging) and your likelihood of hitting an opponent with ninjutsu.

Base costs of jutsu

The Chakra Points page has all the detail on assigning a base cost to your feat, but your CC stat also affects which jutsu you can take. For reference the table of base cost and CC is provided below.

Level CP cost min CC Examples
Academy 5 1 Basic Jutsu, dojutsu (sharingan, byakugan, etc.), maintenance of some skills (i.e. chakra enhanced blades)
Basic 10 3 Low powered jutsu, that is not particularly taxing but also not very damaging (ex: fireball)
Intermediate 20 9 Mid-level powered jutsu, capable of inflicting a moderate amount of damage or a technique of intermediate difficulty (ex: chidori, rasengan)
Taxing 40 13 High-powered jutsu, capable of inflicting large amounts of damage, or any technique that should be particularly chakra drainin (ex: S rank secret techniques unique to an individual user)


Ninjas can put more chakra into their attacks on top of the base cost. The amount they can charge a jutsu by is CC/3 x 5 CP.

For example, a ninja with a CC of 20 can add on up to 30 CP to their jutsu. If they fully supercharge a jutsu with a base cost of 40 CP, they can send a 70 CP attack at their opponent.

Jutsu to Hit

CC also determines the likelihood of a jutsu hitting. This likelihood is equal to:

 CC + (CP/5)

A ninja with a CC of 21 can use a maximum of 75 CP on an attack. The to hit of this jutsu is 21 + 75/5 = 36

Free Attacks

Once per round, a player receives "free CP" equal to CC/2. This free CP expires at the end of a round and does not accumulate. This CP can only be used for a simple attack jutsu. These jutsu must be damaging/attack only, single target, and single use. These attacks cannot be charged and "free CP" cannot be applied as a discount to other jutsu.

"Free CP" can not be used on heals, debuffs, binds, upkeep of multi-round jutsu, barriers, boosts, debuffs, or other "advanced" abilities.

For example, a ninja with a CC of 26 CC would receive 13 CP to spend on one of their basic 10 CP attacks. It would have to be something simple, such as a 10 CP lightning bolt or 10 CP fireball. They could not use it to heal themselves or use a 10 CP poison attack to debuff their opponent.

Please Note: Free CP must always be used to attack opponents and not for utility purposes such as attacking walls out of combat.