Mission DetailsEdit

Ninja TeamEdit

Mission ProfileEdit


Survive and Escape.


Chunin rank up mission.

Mission RecapEdit

The three ninja awake in a dark room on a stone floor. The Room has four hallways branching off of it and an inscription circle on the ground. Above the circle is a shaft extending upwards. Shinji uses a fireball and lights two of the fireplaces around the room illuminating it. The ninja see the words survive and escape written on the wall in blood. The inscription appears to be missing gems or stones. The group heads down on passage and finds a large sapphire on a pedestal. A chakra shield descends and a voice offers a riddle telling them they each get a try, Shinji gets the riddle on the first guess and the shield disappear giving the ninja the gem. They drop the gem in a missing slot and head to the next room. There they find a stone ninja holding a gem, when they take it the statue springs to life and they defeat it. Then they split off, Allen and Ryo take one passage and shinji takes the other. Both are genjutsu based trials that they pass. They put the final gems into the inscription and it rises like an elevator to another room. There they needed to fight one more enemy, they defeated him and gained their rank upgrade.

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