Clan Leader NPC
Member Limit 10
Clan subreddit N/A

Clan InformationEdit

The senju clan was a group of shinobi , considered one of the most powerful clan . Together with the Uchiha clan , they founded Konohagakure . They are descendents of the younger of the two sons of the Sot6p ,born with the "body" of the Sage .

Clan AbilitiesEdit

The Senju clan is one of the most powerful clan from Konoha . All members from the clan can use kekke genkai ( wood release ), and they have more chakra than other ninjas . They will also be able to use both earth release and water release .

Kekkei Genkai: Wood ReleaseEdit

Current MembersEdit

Sokudo Senju

Bunrakuken Senju - inactive
Kazuki Senju - deceased

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