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To take out the Yokuso Powerplant, and cripple the Crimson Lotus's source of electricity.

Mission RecapEdit

The three shinobi find themselves near the walls of Konoha. Their objective : to destroy the Yokuso Powerplant that supplies 80% of Konoha's electricity. They slip over the walls as there are other distractions taking the attention of the Lotus, and make their way towards the powerplant. They walk to the plant, and on closer examination it seems children have been put to work running the factory. Sankuro decides to create a diversion by throwing a rock through a window and then having Reaper distract the guards.

Sankuro is successful, and up at a rooftop Zumoni throws a perfect strike at the guards that come out to chase Reaper. He kills one, and then one turns to fight Zumoni. Sankuro takes down the other one, but it came too late. The second guard alerts the factory as Sankuro kills him, and Zumoni barely outdues his Hyuga opponent.

Zumoni, Sankuro, and Ichirou walk into the factory and find out information from a young boy. The boy tells them that a large man and an Uchiha have taken the children into the second room. The three break in and Zumoni fights the larger man, who has Earth Release Armor. Ichirou charges at the Uchiha, but is placed under a genjutsu instantly. Sankuro frees Ichirou from the genjutsu and begins the 2v1 fight.

Sankuro and Ichirou combine to kill the Uchiha, and that only outrages the Earth Release user. He becomes a massive golem, and sends Zumoni flying across the room. By this time, the children have all escaped. The golem sends spikes flying at Ichirou and Sankuro. Sankuro summons Chimera and defends himself, while Ichirou smashes the golem and exposes his neck. After more blows, Sankuro finishes the man off with an elaborate combination attack with Chimera and Reaper.

The group blows up the powerplant, and Konoha loses 80% of its eletrical power. The mission is a wild success.


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