Mission DetailsEdit

Ninja TeamEdit

Mission ProfileEdit


Defeat the troublemakers


Reports are coming in from the small country of Flowers of trouble. It seems some charismatic figure has gathered together summoners into some sort of cult-like group that is now wrecking havoc throughout this small and ordinarily peaceful country. Having no ninja village of their own, they have sent bulletins out for help to the other nations and to well known gathering places of ninjas.

Mission RecapEdit

Asumizu, Kai, and Celeste responded to the request for help and were briefed on the situation and preceding events. They decided to head where the group was most likely to strike next, but Celeste left because pretty flowers everywhere, and found a village under attack by summons and summoners. They intervened and did battle, defeating two of those present but they were unable to touch the third who they recognized from a previous mission. Of course that rascally guy got away again. After beating them they returned to the capital city to report their findings, success, and receive their reward.

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