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Get the party supplies.. no wait, stay alive and beat back the hooligans.


Eclipse has been planning a party with some of his friends, but they need supplies. So they head to a village for them, although it's a fair distance away and through a dangerous area.

Mission RecapEdit

The three headed down the pathway that would eventually lead them to the village. Along the way Tibs noticed something odd on the path. Upon investigation, Nobu discovered that the ground had been tampered with to look like the rest of the forest floor and found a net underneath. Nobu triggered the trap, which was a net that kunai were shot out at. This stirred up some movements in the forest, which Nobu and Eclipse investigated while Tibs left. Five approached, three from one direction and two from another, and they investigated the sprung trap. Another emerged from further up the path to also investigate.

Eclipse and Nobu hid, then Eclipse dropped a flash bomb, blinding most, though not the newcomer. The unblinded man pulled a tanto and went for Eclipse, who had thrown kunai at all those on the ground. The tanto wielder was stopped by Nobu and finished off by Eclipse. Nobu then went to town on those remaining, snapping necks left and right until he was stopped by a thrown knife and two more opponents emerged, a tall man and a woman. The woman began to whistle, but Eclipse and Nobu covered their ears and the genjutsu didn't work.

The tall man was attacked by Nobu and activated his curse mark in response. He then faced off against Nobu, though Eclipse was able to spring in and wound him with his sword. The battle was mostly between Nobu and the man with the curse mark, though Eclipse was able to jump back in with his sword and pin the man to the ground. The woman moved in to attack, but Eclipse managed to barely block. Nobu then dealt the man an explosive palm to the face and threw him at the woman, knocking both off their feet and to the ground. Eclipse then skewered them with his sword and Nobu hit the man, knocking him off the blade and slicing him in half.

Eclipse and Nobu then bandaged and tied up those remaining, who had been heavily wounded and/or knocked out. They tried to interrogate one, but he was kind of dumb, so they woke up the woman but she wouldn't talk and bit down on a poison pill to kill herself. The man then revealed a little information and showed the location of their base on the map.