Dabu Suteppu
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Personal Information
Username /u/LiamLazuli
Age 17
Gender Male
Height 6'4"
Weight 177lbs
Affiliation Oto
Clan None
Rank Genin


10/8/14 5 feats bori v3.1

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

A lazy, cocky bastard. He only does work and missions for the money. Glory and "doing the right thing" is nothing but childish nonsense. You live, you fight, you die. Also is a bit of a cynic. He has pink hair and yellow eyes. His attire is... Flashy to say the least. He has a deep rusty voice.


====== (Total:57)
Strength: 2
Speed: 10
Chakra Levels: 15
Chakra Control: 14
Endurance: 7
CP: 105
Supercharge: 20
Banked: 0

Rank UpgradesEdit

Genin 1: Sound Release
Genin 2: Gravity Release
Chunin: Summoning (Fukai the Banshee)
Jonin: N/A - 
S-Rank: N/A - 
Kage Rank: N/A - 


Feats earned so far: 6
Banked feats: 0

  1. Sound Release: Bass Drop - The user creates a field around him of sound that comes bearing down on everyone around him in in a large area. Anyone caught within the area of the field ends up taking massive concussive damage from the sound waves well being knocked onto the group from a powerful force from above. (40 CP)
  2. Stat Boost
  3. Stat Boost
  4. Sound Release: Treble Torpedo - The user throws a missile of sound at a target; acting like a cannonball and forcing the target back. (40 CP)
  5. Gravity Release: Physical Devastation - ' 'The user increases gravity on their opponent to specifically target and weaken their muscles, causing the opponent to feel worn out, tired, and overall exhausted. (-5 STR, 10cp)
  6. Summon: Kurai the Banshee [40 CP]
STR: 8 Edit
SPD: 16 Edit
CL: 12 Edit
CC: 16 Edit
END: 10 Edit


  • (3) Chakra Pill
  • (2) Paper Bomb (10cp)
  • (1) Kunai


  • Ryo earned: 0
  • Ryo left: 0

Completed MissionsEdit

2. Quest points

  • Total: 32
  • Banked: 0
  • Reset Day: tuesday

S-Rank: 0

A-Rank: 0

B-Rank: 3

1. The Robe Ninja  4 QP 1/24/14

2. Octo-Hitler  3 QP 4/19/14

3. Forest of Icks!

C-Rank: 4

1. The Idol of Raijin

2. The Tempest Temple

3.  Necklace The Necklace

4. Herding Sheeps

D-Rank: 0

Raids: 0

Other: 1

RP: Travelling with her brother

Tempestuous Howl

History and StoryEdit

Genin: UNFIN

Chunin: UNFIN



1. Battle Theme:

2. Abilities Sound: [1]

3. Song playing in his headphones: [2]


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