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Journey to Darksky Point and discover whats causing the villagers oppression and discomfort.


It turns out the island is ruled by the Kuro Taiyo, who sit in their castle overlooking the island and are gathering an army.

Mission RecapEdit

The ninja are taken to the almost inaccessible island of Darksky by an old captain and his living boat, Wave Breaker. Talking with the Captain they learn that the island is isolated not just because it’s a horrible place to live, but also because it’s nearly impossible to get there. The Captain and his ship are actually the only ship that can make the journey now, and they can’t even dock in the port, their yearly shipment must be sent on land by use of Zip line.

Once on land the ninja spot a gathering of civilians and armed guards. Ryo and Shinji attempt to sneak into the crowd, but they stick out like sore thumbs in their ninja attire and with Ryo’s Byakugan active.

When the two are questioned by the armed men they attempt to lie and the guards see through it with an intensive line of questioning. The guards move to cuff them and the two ninja allow it, after this they are taken to the castle and presented before the Kuro Taiyo.

Shinji and Ryo are then questioned by the group’s leader and Shinji has his tongue cut out for being too much of a smart ass. Meanwhile Nui and Orr have followed the group of armed guards on their journey to the castle, but they run into the war camp set into the lower grounds of the hilly terrain.

Below them they see hundreds, maybe thousands of tents set up over a couple square miles on the island, they decide it’s best to take a detour around the camp. They then decided to walk up the castle and look for an entrance from the roof.

They arrive at a skylight just in time to see Shinji lose his tongue. After the inquiries are over Shinji and Ryo are escorted to the “lower jungle” by one of the 13 members of the organization.

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