Mission DetailsEdit

Ninja TeamEdit

Mission ProfileEdit


Survive and escape the Island.


Continuation of Darksky Point

Mission RecapEdit

This was a sequel to a previous mission. We join our intrepid adventurers with a split party, Nui and Orr are on the roof of a castle trying to rescue Ryo and Shinji who have been taken prisoner; Ryo and Shinji are in the ‘lower jungle’ which is a very isolated tropical forest that is on the island and obscured by the castle. Overhearing that Ryo and Shinji were headed for the jungle and spying the forest below them Nui and Orr decide to check it out. They find each other, and Nui is able to identify them as allies by Ryo’s vicious pelvic thrusting.

They decide that the wisest course of action is to climb up the castle the way they came and leave over top of it. As they’re about to climb they spot a red and white beach umbrella, that has just recently appeared on the roof, they move to a point farther away from the umbrella and scale the wall. Here they are granted with the sight of Mephit, a tall lanky effeminate man sunbathing in a speedo. To add to Mephit’s weirdness, he’s more than a little crazy, claims to be a jester from the sound, and is an albino. He seems to be completely aware of his surroundings at all times, Knowing things he should not be able to, he also made a show of being able to meld in and out of objects, namely the earth. He wouldn’t be a jester without his card tricks and genjutsus, that’s for sure! To top it all off the man was insanely fast and decently strong as well. He refused to let the party leave, and when they left him Shinji’s amaterasu turned him into a puddle, but that’s not saying much since his entire body seemed to be made out waxy gel material in the first place, the material absorbed or ignored most damage.

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