Mission DetailsEdit

Ninja TeamEdit

Mission ProfileEdit


Defeate Mitigate.


Mitigate is a powerful ninja in the Crimson Lotus. He is lieutenant and the right hand man of the fire general Kasai. He has left the red fortress on a scouting mission to gather intelligence. He and his party are due to arrive in the town of Misai in a few hours.

Mission RecapEdit

  • Ninja get briefed
  • head to Masai- they chose to go by woods rather than road. This insures no one spots them, but also is slower and ensures Migate reaches Misai before they do.
  • Ninja arrive at the half burned town. Burns are old, not recent. Everything looks quiet in the town save for the one remaining tavern that is bustling with noise.
  • Ninja decide to enter tavern, Ryuu is wearing his Konoha ninja uniform. Everyone in the bar, including mitigate and 4 Crimson Lotus agents, looks at Ryuu while Strider takes a seat at the bar.
  • Ryuu backs out of the bar, two averge chunin strength me follow him. After he misses a fuma-shuriken throw he annihilates the two with a dragon flame and rashenshuriken.
  • He heads back towards the bar reaching the door just as Mitigate and two women burst through the door to investigate the noise outside.
  • Strider and Ryuu fight the two women (weak jonin) and Mitigate, who is a fire ninjutsu specialist.
  • They win, though Mitigate calls down a storm of comets that knock the ninja unconscious. The town and his body are completely destroyed in the attack.

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