Mission DetailsEdit

Ninja TeamEdit

Mission ProfileEdit


Defend Dakuraito from the attack by the five, and most importantly defend the gem egg that is protected within the city.

Mission RecapEdit

  • ninja arrive in Dakuraito
  • intel says that Dakuraito won't be attacked for a week
  • ninja begin to relax and RP
  • explosion goes off in the south of the village
  • ninja prepare to investigate as military sirens go off, they see three ninja walking towards them
  • ninja say they are here for the gem egg recovered on previous arc mission
  • battle ensues between party and Emptiness, Flow, Nothingness, and the party
  • party wins
  • Dakuraito army beats white dragon army
  • Party sees Silence with egg and main building explode
  • silence walks by the party and leaves

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