Name: Delta
Kanji: デルタ
Romanji: deruta

Classification: Ninjutsu
Parent Rank: Nuclear
Class: Support
Range: Personal
Hand Seals: N/a
Game Requirements
Chakra Control: 13
Chakra Level: 16

Delta jutsu is when the user takes control of the chakra still inside their body. Upon learning this jutsu, the chakra they have is constantly being compressed and decompressed, slowly reverting a portion of their chakra into radiation. This radiation is put on standby until the user allows it to be released. Once it is released, it greatly accelerates the chakra production of the user and pumps chakra back into their body, giving a temporary chakra boost.

1 feat- 30 CP

2 feats- 65 CP

3 feats- 100 CP

Known Users:
Nobu the Walking Bomb

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