An ice style ninjutsu. Exclusive to those with the Yuki clan kekkei genkai. It is a secret technique only known to the maker Levi Yuki.

Demonic Ice Style: Yuki OnnaEdit

Cost: 40 CPEdit

Required: 13 CC, 13 CLEdit

The user uses shape manipulation to gather a large amount of water chakra in his palm. This is pressurized and gives of a cold icy glow. The user can cause the water chakra to expand over an area and the immediately freezing it. Causing an area to be frozen in an instant. From the the expansion to the freezing the jutsu is almost instant. The area it freezes is very big and this ice is cursed. It is so cold and powerful it could even freeze unfreezable things like fire and lightning. Once it stands it is almost indestructible.

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