Water dragon

Water dragon

Demonic ice style: Kuraokami is a secret ice style technique. Forming a dragon made of ice.

Requirments & CostsEdit

  • Required CC: 13.
  • Required CL: 13.
  • Required rank upgrades: Ice release.
  • A large body of water, though this can be in the form of ice and mist too.
  • 20 CP initial cost and then 10 CP a turn.
  • 5 CP to repair the dragon if less then half is broken and if there is enough water.
  • If there is not enough water one can be created partially, though the costs are the same and the dragon can't move from its spawning point.
  • The user can create multiple at once though the justu are calculated separatly. So if the user created 3 dragons the initial cost would be 60 CP and the user would have to gice 30 CP a turn to maintain them.

Section headingEdit

It's appearence is almost identical to that of water dragon jutsu except it is made of ice. It has a long thin snake like body with 4 pairs of thin legs with claws on it. It has a wide dragon head. It's tail ends in a small horn. Its size is the same as that of the water dragon in water style: Water dragon jutsu.

It  behaves different than the water dragon jutsu though. The dragon is controlled by the users chakra. The user also doesn't have to stand still after the hand signs are cast.

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