Doppelganger white

The doppleganger is a summon commonly used by Kenjutsu specialists. Unlike other summons, this one does not require a contract. To summon the Doppleganger, one must converse and gain the assistance of their inner self. This is acheived through meditation. 


The doppleganger is always a shadowy version of the user who summoned it. It normally does not speak, but when it does, it is a horse and harsh version of the users voice. Its eyes are always red and the skin is always dark grey or black.


The doppleganger is created through taking the inner self of the user, and then using half the user's chakra to create a shadowy body for the inner self to then inhabbit. Though the user's strength is split in half, the doppleganger now has the same strength you have and can only be killed by means that would kill the user. However, if the doppleganger dies, the inner self does not. 

The doppleganger has exactly the same abilities, strength, speed and chakra levels as the original. It is also phycically linked with the user, allowing for them to work as a perfect team during a fight. Those who use the doppleganger typically use the doppleganger as bait to find an opening in the opponent, or to ward off the enemy while the user rests. 

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