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Vald has seen enough death and needs a drink where he meets who ever wants to join and they get drunk then fight some thugs in honor of Raikiko

Mission Recap

Taikenji and Vald meet up at a bar and discuss recent events such as Raikiko.  Vash walks in and joins them.  Then a group of thugs walk into the bar and demand rum from the barkeep.  After an exchange of insults between the trio and the thugs, they start fighting.  However, Vash is able to get an explosive tag on one of the thugs and detonate it.  This scares the piss out of the thugs, who run off, leaving the boss there with 2 goons.  They continue to fight.  Vash attacks the boss with knives, but he discovers that the boss is wearing heavy armor on his chest and is unable to do any damage to the boss’ back.  The boss then attempts to punch Vash, but Vash is too fast for the boss and he is able to escape and plant an explosive tag on the boss’ back.  However the boss only gets a dent in his armor.  Taikenji then tries to attack one of the goons and manages to get a claw in before the goon deflects the rest of his attacks and holds him to the ground with his foot.  The goon then attempts to stab Taikenji’s neck with his sword, but Taikenji is able to deflect the attack and latch a claw into the goon’s arm.  Meanwhile, the other goon rushes Vald and successfully skewers him in the gut, but Vald manages to shoot the goon on Taikenji before the goon gets to Vald.  Vash is then able to take out the boss with his remaining knife and speed.  Taikenji attempts to help Vald by throwing a medkit to him and then attacking the remaining goon and successfully gets two claws into the goon, but the medkit is deflected by the goon before Taikenji reaches him.  The goon then stabs Taikenji in the leg as they go down and pushes him off with his feet, but when the goon gets back up, Vald shoots him in the head with his crossbow.  The trio then finish off their drinks and exit the bar.

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