Personal Information
Username /u/EclipsedLunus
Age 16
Gender Male
Height 6'1"
Weight 157lbs
Affiliation Otogakure
Clan none
Rank S-Rank


7/23/14 25 feats bori v3.1

Appearance and Personality

Eclipse's uniform is fairly unassuming, except for the strange spiral pendant that he wears on his left arm. He wears a long tailed forehead protector around his neck, which is used to cover his curse mark. His hair is tied back, a habit left over from his smithing days, but has allowed his bangs to grow out a bit because he felt like it. His eyes are black but there seems to be something powerful behind them, which is how he got his name.
Madara's Head copy

Home Sweet Home

Eclipse is a fairly cynical and sarcastic person but also can read people well enough to know when or when not to use his brand of sarcasm. He treasures his "family" and friends and will push himself to the limit to protect them. But he will not rush into something, if he knows that a friend is in trouble he will come up with a plan to get them out of it, because of this he gained a bit of a diplomatic streak where he diffused situations between his friends and others before things turned to violence. Don't think that he won't fight if it comes down to it, when he fights he is a viscous, ruthless fighter that weakens his opponents by hitting joints or damaging sensory organs, likes eyes or ears. He fights dirty.




Curse Mark

Curse Mark Lv2(overlap with curse mark theme)


Vs. Orochimaru Related

Stats (Total:189)

Strength: 20

Speed: 22

Chakra Levels: 26

Chakra Control: 22

Endurance: 23

Banked: 0

CP: 180

Rank Upgrades

Genin 1: Curse Mark

Genin 2: Summoning Contract (Cat)

Chunin: Sealing Specialist

Jonin: Chakra Manipulation

S-Rank: Sage jutsu (Cat)

Kage Rank: N/A


Feats earned so far: 25

Banked feats: 0

Summoning (2)

  • Summon Oniko - Summons a wolf-sized Saber-toothed Tiger kitten to aid in battle (20 CP, stats on Oniko page)
  • Older Oniko (SP +40 for Oniko)

Curse Mark (8)

  • Curse Mark 1st state - Activating stage one of the curse mark increases the physical abilities of Eclipse as well as granting him a large amount of "cursed" chakra When activated black cracks spread from the mark to around his body. His eyes also dilate showing golden orbs that were hiding behind his eyes.  (+3 Strength and speed, 10 CP activation and Upkeep)
  • Curse Mark 2nd State - (must activate after 1st state is activated) further increases physical abilites, grants him even more 'cursed' chakra. The 'cracks' spread till they cover every inch of skin, Eclipse's hair stands on end and his eyes become two golden suns. The "mutation" for Eclipse's 2nd state, is incredible regenerative capabilities. (+5 Strength and Speed, 20 CP activation and upkeep)
  • Curse Mark Mutation: Regeneration - Eclipse's body heals itself when in the cursed state and improves as the cursed state increases, in state 1 the mutation isn't much more that a slightly improved regeneration rate that wouldn't be relevant in any sort of mission setting. In State 2, the mutation fully developes and wounds visibly fix themselves. In State 3, while wounds don't visibly fix themselves, since Eclipse would be covered in smog, they heal themselves very quickly and cleanly. (Wounds won't automatically regenerate, Eclipse must be in 2nd or 3rd state to activate the mutation, 20CP to activate, heals 2 times CP put into worth of damage)
  • Curse Art: Black Smog - Eclipse expels his cursed chakra, causing a black fog to smother a large area, obscuring sight, Eclipse is able to sense any foreign chakra in the fog. The area that the fog blankets depends on the amount of Curse chakra Eclipse uses. (5CP - 5ft, 10CP - 10ft, 20 CP - 20ft, 40CP - 30ft, as well as equal per round upkeep, i.e. 5 feet of smog costs 5CP to activate and 5 per round to upkeep)
  • Curse Mark 3rd state - This state can only be reach through intense emotion or near death, unlike 2nd state, it is not unlocked, and can only be activated through one of the two triggers. When activated, Eclipse's curse mark releases a large amount of Black Smog that surrounds his body, like a psuedo demon cloak, but the only things visible are his eyes, which are glowing like two suns going supernova. The cloak provides no real added effects other than intimidation.  (+8 Str/Spd, 40 CP activation and Upkeep)
  • Curse Mark Chakra: Cursed Chakra is stored in the seal. When activated the seal will flood the users body with chakra from the cursed seal. The seal can be actived by the user drawing it out, in a similar manner that the user enters cursed states, at which point cursed chakra is released into the user's body. This boost does not affect the effectiveness of chakra pills and can be used once per mission, and never by clones. (+30 CP when activated)
  • Curse Mark Chakra, feat 2: now regains 65 CP instead of 30
  • Curse Mark Chakra, feat 3: now regains 100 CP instead of 65

Sealing Specialist (3)

  • Seal: Explosion - Eclipse uses his chakra to place an explosion seal, can detonate by chakra flaring or vocal signal, but Eclipse has to touch the object to place the seal, and he generally wants to get far enough away from the ensuing explosion. (10 CP)
  • Five Elements Seal: Purple flames appear on Eclipse's fingertips and he has to physically touch the person, when touched a portion of a person's chakra is blocked off, and they are wracked with eye-watering pain. (20 CP to seal 30 CP of opponent)
  • Elemental Seal: Eclipse places a seal on his tougue, this seal allows him to seal an elemental jutsu in it, as well as release it in the direction he is facing. (CP is equal to the jutsu, up to 40+overcharge limit CP, half cost to release)

Chakra Manipulation (2)

  • Rasengan: A swirling vortex of death, if you don't know what this is, you shouldn't be here (20 CP)
  • Chakra Cannon:  Chakra is compressed then released as a ball of kinetic energy, may be used to propel objects on just hit someone far away [10CP]

Sage Arts (1)

  • Aspect of the Cat: Eclipse after a almost 3 month long training trip to the cat realm has almost mastered the revered sage mode. Unfortunately he doesn't have it quite down yet, so along with the iris change to a slitted yello eye and the black eye shadow, his canines grow a to the point that they stick out of his mouth even when it's closed; his nails grow and get pointed and his ears grow to a point and get some fluff on them.  (+8 CC/+8 Endurance, when using sage mode, all chakra becomes nature chakra points, and upkeep is 40NCP/round)

Combined (2)

  • Pitch Black Rasengan: Adding his cursed Chakra to the Rasengan mix, Eclipse creates a black ball has tremendously more destructive power to it. And, if used in black smog it can absorb the black smog and a little bit of chakra from any person inside the smog, to further increase it's destructive abilites. (40CP, drains 20CP from anyone in the black smog pulling the smog into the rasengan, and overcharges using the any chakra drained.)
  • Sealed Rasengan: Eclipse has figured out how to delay the 'explosion' of the rasengan using seals. A sealed rasengan is about the size of a softball and stays that way unless the seal is released. So, this rasengan can be tossed at a distant foe or left on the ground for someone to step on. (20cp)

Misc. (7)

  • Shadow Clone Technique - Eclipse creates physical doubles of himself, indistinguishable from himself due to even chakra distribution. When dispelled after one or two solid blows or through voluntary dispelment the experiences of the clones are transferred to the user. (50 CP minimum, limit CC/10, 25% End)
  • Cursed Clone Technique - A spin on the shadow clone jutsu, but because the 'cursed' chakra is used, these clones are stronger and faster than shadow clones. The most outstanding feature of Cursed clones is that they only dissapear when lethally wounded. This kind of clone takes a lot of chakra and it would be very difficult to have any more out at one time. (Clones now have 50% End)
  • Maningan - Improves ability to evade/counter attacks and jutsu. Adds an artificial +3 to strength and speed, affecting ability to land a hit or dodge an attack. 10 CP/round
  • Stats (+8 stat points)
  • Stats (+8)
  • Stats (+8)
  • Space Sword: A weapon forged of Space metal that gives of a strange radiation when chakra is channeled through it. When Eclipse channels chakra through it, it glows a purple-black color an will drain 15CP per any significant hit. (10 CP to activate, 10 CP to maintain)

CP: 180


  • Equipment Points (22)
  • (3) Set of Kunai
  • (2) Lightning Tag
  • (2) Explosive Tag
  • (3) Two Flash Bombs
  • (3) Two Smoke Bombs
  • (2) Basic Med-kit
  • (4) Medium Armor
  • (3) Chakra Pill
  • Two poisoned kunai (1 mission use each, -5 speed to enemy if hit)
  • Pet: Slurp the Slug (Can heal up to 40 CP worth of wounds. Understands speech but cannot speak itself)
  • Water Dragon Jutsu Scroll (1 use)
  • Fire Dragon Jutsu Scroll (1 use)
  • Earth Dragon Jutsu Scroll (1 use)
  • Wind Dragon Jutsu Scroll (1 use)
    Maningan copy

    Behold the Maningan

  • Lightnin Dragon Jutsu Scroll (1 use)
  • Kasai Gantoretto, The Fire Gauntlet (3 uses)
    • +12 Strength, 40CP upkeep
    • the ability to use fireball jutsu (10CP cost)
    • Fire resistance (-1 rank in damage, 10cp fire jutsu does 5cp worth of damage, 20cp jutsu does 10 etc.
  • Scroll of Rasengan (no uses, but can learn rank upgrade)
  • Mask of Darkness (Yoinked, in It Begins)
  • Bochi Egg (Birthday Present)
  • Maningan - Improves ability to evade/counter attacks and jutsu. Adds an artificial +3 to strength and speed, affecting ability to land a hit or dodge an attack. 5 CP/round(It's back)
  • Space Sword -  made of a metal stronger than most, it will cut through most weapons, though artifacts and magic weapons can block it. The metal is chakra conducting, giving it even more cutting power. Unfortunately Eclipse cannot bring out it's full power at this time. (Space Sword)
  • Green Jumpsuit (The Dojo of youth mission)
  • Spartan Gauntlets - Each gauntlet can generate a shield similar to the shield spartans use, but made of chakra, when activated the shield is 6' in diameter and can stand up to many basic attacks easily, but while it can stop stronger attacks, it will disappear afterwards. (10 CP to activate, 5 to maintain for each gauntlet, can be overcharged with an extra 10 CP to increase the shield strength to a 20cp shield)

Sokka's sword

Space Sword


  • Ryo earned: 124501
  • Ryo left: 41001

Completed Missions

Quest points

  • Total: 179 (lost 24 QP, because of revival)(4 loss because of TOS failure)(1 for bad past documentation)
  • Banked: 0

S-Rank: 6

Stopping the Enemy (Canon): 4QP, 2000 Ryo

The Tree Thief: 4QP, 2000 Ryo

Astral Guard: 4QP, 2000 Ryo

Tracking down some Oni!: 4QP, 2000 Ryo

Mount Pisga: 4QP, 6000 Ryo

Destruction of the Rock: 4QP, 6000 Ryo

A-Rank: 10

A Map - Part 1: 4QP, 2000 Ryo

Recovering Sank's Materials: 4QP, 2000 Ryo

Konoha Mission Team Four!: 4QP, 4000 Ryo

Taking a Sword: 4QP, 4000 Ryo

Attack by the Mantis: 2QP, 4000 Ryo

The Cursed Base: 4QP, 4000 Ryo

Genjutsu of the past: 4QP, 4000 Ryo (+1 for Recap)

The World of Auras: 4QP, 4000 Ryo

The Rock Totems: 4QP, 4000 Ryo

Knowledge of Death : 4 QP, 4000 Ryo

B-Rank: 16

A Strange Place: 4QP, 2000 Ryo

Boats and Battles: 4QP, 2000 Ryo

The Jade Elephant: 4QP, 2000 Ryo

Cult of the Curse Mark: 3 QP, 3000 Ryo

The Wannabe Akatsuki!: 3QP 2000 Ryo

The Spartan Temple: 3 QP, 2000 Ryo

The Dojo of Youth: 3QP, 2000 Ryo

Shrine of the Demon Shark - 3QP, 2000 Ryo

Blood : 3QP, 2000 Ryo

Drifter: 3QP, 2000 Ryo

Ooh, Big Boy: 3 QP, 2000 Ryo

Princess Bride : 3 QP, 2000 Ryo

Archive of Orochimaru : 4QP, 2000 Ryo

The Tower : 4QP, 2000 Ryo

Ninjas vs Zombies : 4QP, 1500 Ryo

Rank Up: Silver Lake: 4QP, 2000 Ryo

Water Temple: 5QP 2500 Ryo

C-Rank: 12

Reaping the Sown Seed: 2QP, May 23, 2014

Space Sword: 3 QP, 3000 Ryo

Hunt for the Rasengan : 3QP, 1000 Ryo

The Lions Den: 3QP, 1000 Ryo

Rogue Sages: 3QP, 1000 Ryo

The Shogi Tournament : 2QP, 1000 Ryo

Veiled Princess: 4QP 2000 Ryo

Excursion to the Land of Potatoes!: 3QP 1500 Ryo

Ninja vs Pirates: 3QP, 1000 Ryo

Scroll of the Seven: 2QP, 1000 Ryo

Protect the Princess: 2QP 1000 Ryo

Exploring the Orphanage: 3QP 1500 Ryo

D-Rank/RP: 29

Darkness Decends: 1QP, 500 Ryo

Creator of the Curse Mark: 1QP, 500 Ryo, March 18, 2014

Goin' around at a speed that is not quite sound: 1QP, 500 Ryo, Feb 14, 2014

A walk in the woods: 1QP, 500 Ryo, Feb 7, 2014

Double-Check: 1 QP, 500 Ryo, Jan 17, 2014

Unlocking the Seal: 1QP, 500 Ryo

Moving day: 1QP, 500 Ryo

Eclipse's Birthday Party : 1QP, 500 Ryo [already rp'd]

In Oto : 1QP, 500 Ryo

It begins: 1QP, 500 Ryo

My long lightning rod: 1QP, 500 Ryo

Power: 1QP, 500 Ryo

The Morning After: 1QP, 500 Ryo

What What, another party?: 1QP, 500 Ryo

Research: Jiraiya Style - 1QP, 500 Ryo

The Gauntlet: 1QP, 500 Ryo

I see dead people: 1QP, 500 Ryo

Trespassers : 2QP, 1000 ryo

Shinji's Magical Adventures : 1QP

Gate Duty: 1QP, 500 Ryo

Eclipse's New Eye: 1QP

The Quest to Travel to Adventure: 1QP

Refreshing Night Air: 1 QP

A day off: 1 QP, 500 Ryo

Merc with a Heart: 1QP, 500 Ryo

Training: 1QP 500 Ryo

Valley of the End: 1QP 500 Ryo

Time to beef up:1 QP

Building Friendships: 1QP, 500 Ryo

Madness Descends (Canon): 2QP, 1000 Ryo

Raids: 4

Madness: 4QP, 4000 Ryo

TH3SP00K13STR41DT00: 4QP, 2500 Ryo

Liberating Amegakure: 5QP, 3000 Ryo

Manliness: 4: QP 2000 Ryo, maningan, reflex eye

Other: 1

The Land of the Cats: 1QP, 500 Ryo

Overseen: 4

Journey to Mount Ichiyama: 2QP 1000  Ryo

Escorting the Merchants: 1QP, 1000 Ryo

The Attack: [OS][Recap]

Save the Village: [OS][Recap]

Weekly QP: 0/12

Reset: Monday

History and Story

Born and abandoned to an orphanage, Eclipse grew up with a large family of orphans. Unfortunately he was raised in a town that had three separate orphanages, each competing for funding. Funding is given to each orphanage as a tax from the pay of ninjas that grew up in that orphanage.

This lead to orphanages teaching their children basic ninja history as well as academy level jutsu and taijutsu. Trying to push them through to genin as fast as possible, and allow them to get a portion of that child's paycheck.

While growing up many orphans took part time jobs to pass the time, Eclipse was no different. He took a job as a blacksmiths assistant, and between ninja lessons and his job, life was pretty good.

But of course it didn't last, when he was 11, the other two orphanages teamed up on the one he belonged to, which was the largest and therefore got the most funding. Sending in their trainees and recent graduates to take care of the orphanage and capture as many children as possible.

Eclipse Home

Where Eclipse's lair is

saved about 10 kids and took them to the forest outside the town, where he found an abandoned lab. While they were cleaning it out, one of the kids caused a needle to almost hit another orphan but Eclipse stepped in front of the child and the needle hit him instead of the kid. The force of the needle pushed whatever was inside that needle into his body, which exploded in pain which lasted till he fell into blissful unconsciousness.

He woke up to the cries of the children he had just saved, a team of genin of genin from one of the other orphanages were knocking out the kids and tying them up. While the kids tries to resist, the oldest was only 8, so they stood little chance against a team of trained ninja.

Eclipse, body still in pain, snuck up on one of the genin and killed him with one of his own kunai. This got the attention of the other two, who instead of trying to kill him for killing their comrade decided to capture him and have their orphanage get another kid. This of course meant that the other two resorted to taijutsu to subdue Eclipse.

Now while Eclipse was no genius when it came to taijutsu, he was fairly proficient in it. He could probably hold his own against one of the genin, if his body wasn't wracked in pain. But his body was wracked in pain and there were two of them, they quickly knocked the stolen kunai out of his hand and proceeded to beat him to a pulp.

They didn't knock him out, just down, and had him watch as they subdued the rest of the orphan kids and all the while taunting him. When all 10 kids were tied up each of the genin took two and just left, a few minutes later they came back and took four more, the last two, Shini, who had a tendency to find shiny objects, and Zeshi, who only recently lost her family, were trying to help Eclipse to his feet, even though he kept telling them to hide.

When the two genin returned one picked up Shini and Zeshi, the other picked up Eclipse, and for the next few minutes Shini and Zeshi were crying at Eclipse to do something while he tried to at least lift a finger, but the pain from whatever was in that needle and the beating he took from the two genin was just to much.

In another minute they arrived at the orphanage, they were then thrown in a room and told to stay there. Then a grown man came in and started inspecting the children, and out of nowhere he snapped one of the kid's neck. Causing all the orphans to gasp and start crying, the man then calmly started to either kill or knock out each kid. Then he reached Shini and after about a minute he lifted her off the ground by the neck and started to squeeze. Shini was crying for Eclipse to save her even though she couldn't breath.

Then Shini went limp, and that is when Eclipse lost it. He wasn't sure what happened but it seemed that the emotional stress numbed the pain, and in the blink of an eye he had shattered one of the man's elbows, causing him to drop Shini, catching her he checked her pulse and saw that while it was weak it was still there.

Eclipse told Zeshi to pick up Shini and to follow him, but before they made it to the door the man was in the doorway holding a kunai in his undamaged arm and made a lunge at Eclipse, but it seemed like the man was moving through water and because of this he easily dodged the kunai and snapped the man's neck.

After they left the room, Zeshi asked why he was cracking. Eclipse knew he was emotionally strained at the moment but he didn't think he was going crazy, so he asked her what she meant, she just pointed at him. He looked down and saw what looked like cracks were snaking their way all around his body, he wasn't sure why it was happening and at this moment he didn't have time to care. So they started running trying to find the exit.

After a few hallways he heard whispering and motioned for Zeshi to slow down and be quiet. Eclipse found a slightly crack door and the two Genin that had kidnapped him inside, one was holding a weird spiral-like wooden pendant and the other was wondering how much they could get for it. Eclipse, wanting payback slowly opened the door and swiped two kunai from one genin and killed both of them is one stroke. As a trophy he took the pendant and put it on his own arm.

Then when they found the exit, Eclipse told Zeshi to go to the abandoned lab, saying he would meet her there. He then went back into the orphanage.

An hour later, he arrived at the lab with about 20 other kids in tow, as well as scrolls, books, and money that he and the other kids had plundered in the chaos. And as a Coup de Grace Eclipse had burned down the orphanage just and they had burned down his old home.

Life went back to a relative normal, he worked full time at the blacksmith, and some of the older kids found jobs as well, since they were providing for themselves now, they also quickly learned how to cook and what was edible in the forest. Eclipse also taught small ninja lessons from the scrolls they plundered from time to time, just in case they needed to defend themselves.

When he turned 13 the kids got him a birthday present in the form of a scroll, they had all saved up for it and the scroll saleswoman said that he would like it. When he unrolled it the kids were asking him to do it right away. So he did the hand signs and slammed his hand into the floor and in a puff of smoke he disappeared.

The orphans were devastated and depressed for 2 days because they had just disappeared Eclipse, but at the end of the second day he reappeared with nothing but a few shallow scratch marks saying that it was the best birthday gift ever.

After returning Eclipse practiced using the weird tattoo on his shoulder, as well as collecting small bits of chakra conducting metal from the floor of the smithy. When he had collected enough he made a pair of clawed gauntlets made of various chakra reactive materials.

Over the next couple of years Eclipse practiced and read scroll just in case he needed to defend his family. But when he turned 15 the council finally decided to investigate why 2 orphanages disappeared 4 years ago, when they found out that one was destroyed by the other and then one kid burned down the other as payback, they decided that they needed that kid as one of their ninja.

So the officials gave him the option of becoming a ninja, which payed much better than his blacksmithing job, he needed the money since orphans actually started coming to him for shelter from various things. The only downsides of this offer were that the times that he could see his family were few and far between, and that he could die.

He has yet to respond to the offer, but has started working as a freelance ninja, wearing a sound headband, that he took from one of the genin that attacked his orphanage all those years ago.

Eclipse decided to try his hand at writing, to make some extra cash, and seeing as some of the most popular best sellers were written by the Jiraya, an incredible ninja, and writer. Eclipse decided to try his hand at being a ninja writer as well, So he wrote Icha Icha sanctuary. It was fairly successful, and now people are expecting a sequel, so Eclipse has to research a lot.

Eclipse was killed by Knowledge, but was brought to Ryo by Oniko who helped pay for a revival. Knowledge then, for the next few weeks hunted Eclipse till he agreed to have his memory wiped.

Eclipse has moved out of the old Orochimaru lab becuase it has become too well know to people, and the orphans had been kidnapped because of it. Eclipse got the orphans back, but he realized that he could no longer protect the 50+ of them, even with the ability to make multiple copies of himself.

So Eclipse and Levi worked out that the orphans would move to the Fuma compound where they would be safe and could learn various skills to become productive members of society, only a few of them started to train to become ninja.

Eclipse has moved his HQ to the valley of the End, and after hollowing out the Madara statue, has moved in. Tibs lives in Hashirama and has become his neibour.

Tiburan has moved out of Hashirama and Eclipse is alone in the valley of the End.

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