Personal Information
Username N/a
Age 30
Gender Female
Height 5'09"
Weight 140lbs
Affiliation Takigakure
Clan Ro
Rank Jounin


Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Emiri-ro has changed quite a lot from her dissapearence from Nobu's life. Her hair has grown to very long lengths, her usually keeping it in a pony tail. She is typically seen carrying her sword, and wearing a black military like uniform.

Her personality is now dead set on killing her brother, Sejio-ro. She now no longer cares for others or the sake of the village that was once her home. She now only wants her brother dead, and will accept any consequences that will come from that. As such, she is very critical of Nobu, who balances his goals and the rest of his life.


Ultimate Battle Theme:

Death Theme:


Strength: ?Edit

Speed: ?Edit

Intelligence: ?Edit

Chakra Levels: ?Edit

Chakra Control: ?Edit

Endurance: ?Edit

Rank UpgradesEdit

Genin 1: Water Chakra TypeEdit

Genin 2: Genjutsu Specialist Edit

Chunin: Kenjutsu SpecialistEdit

Jonin: Banshee SummonEdit

S-Rank: Banshee Sage ModeEdit

Kage Rank: N/AEdit


Feats earned so far: 0Edit

Banked feats: 0Edit


  • Katana (Chakra Conducting)

History and StoryEdit

Emiri-ro is the oldest of the virtually unknown Ro family. Her father, Chiari-ro, decided that their family would come to restore Takigakure to its former glory. Chiari first began to train his sons and daughters in basic combat, to protect their mother if he were to ever be away. However, Chiari soon manipulated their mother to attacking them, making her believe that Chiari wanted only pain and suffering for the world, and taught their children in such ways. Emiri attempted to defend her sister from her mother, but was slashed in the eye. Sejio, her younger brother, turned out to be the one to kill her. Chiari, pleased that the damage had been done, had told them that their mother never truly loved them, like he did. Emiri, deeply disturbed by this, went into a depression and long silence. For many years of her life, her father put her through intense training and discipline, trying to make her the ultimate soldier. It was around this time that Emiri began to develop her genjutsu style of fighting with genjutsu.

Soon, her father took her and her siblings to start taking over Takigakure. Emiri was tasked with taking mental control of the village council using genjutsu. Being a key player in Chiari’s plot, Emiri was served well and given lots of freedom. However, she felt nothing for her newfound freedom and only seemed to either train or work on the mission. However, recently, her loyalties were beginning to shift more to her brother Sejio, then her father.

Finally, Sejio told her and her sister the truth and all 3 of them fought and killed Chiari-ro. But after Sejio revealed his plan, she defected and joined Nobu's resistance againts Takigakure. She was appointed by him to be its leader, and he wants her to become the next Rakkakage.

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