In the absence of a HP system, there have been requests for guidelines on how endurance functions. As a guide, rather than a hard and fast rule, each point in End grants approximately 8 CP of damage that can be taken. However, some things to keep in mind:

  • How much of the jutsu/attack hits and where it hits counts. If a 20 CP attack only hits partially, it doesn't count as a full 20 CP of damage. Similarly, some attacks may hit sensitive or fatal areas, thus resulting in the loss of a limb's use or by sustaining a fatal hit that will need attention.
  • A person with high End isn't going to be able to shrug off a severed arm or survive a fatal stab, nor is their skin impervious to such attacks, but they will be able to last longer after taking a hit and deal with pain far better than someone with a 5 endurance who just took a fatal hit, and is going to be unlikely to have the energy for a counter-attack.
  • As a player takes damage, their abilities to fight back and respond to attacks are going to be impaired. The impairment is greater for those who have taken more damage and a lower endurance stat.
  • Immortals can shrug off fatal hits with little ill effect. A stab to the lungs or an arm cut off is going to be an impairment, but will not result in a fatal injury.
  • When an immortal has taken 8 * End of damage they are disabled and incapable of movement or attacking. They may, however, take actions that are defensive or self-affecting techniques if they have the CP available and the means to do so. It is not until they have taken 10 * End of damage that they truly die. Note that immortals may still be dismembered and/or destroyed through various means to the point of requiring a revival even if 10 * End is not met or exceeded, much as fatal blows can be dealt to mortals without exceeding 8 * End of damage.

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