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Find out more about that man


Asumizu and Kai were wandering in the desert looking for clues about the synod when they ended up in a small village. They heard about another Kigen in town and went to investigate. The family reunion did not go very well.

Mission RecapEdit

Asumizu and Kai were wandering in the desert looking for clues about the synod. They found where they think they ran into Sessho and Tanyu, who dug a lot of holes to find treasures. They then followed some tracks off, where they led to an oasis, and then from there they followed wagon trails to a village. There they went to a tavern to gather information, but found that nothing of consequence had happened in a really long time. As they were leaving they gave their names, which led one of the people in the tavern to ask if they were related to a Hayao Kigen who lived just outside of the village. Curious, they went to investigate. When they went up to the house they heard some noises inside and then it exploded, the occupant fleeing the house for the hills. He reappeared in the hills with puppets and used them and a variety of earth jutsu and poison against them. It was a difficult fight but they were able to restrain him and talk to him during which time they identified him as being involved in an attack on their village. He also hinted that someone was looking for them and got out a message secretly to that someone before they killed him.

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