Mission DetailsEdit

Ninja TeamEdit

Mission ProfileEdit


Escort Izubuu safely to the trading post.


Izubuu has hired an escort to take him from Konoha to a trading post. Asumizu and Kai have been assigned to do so, along with Tai from the Sound.

Mission RecapEdit

Izubuu showed up late and with an attitude, clearly disapproving of a Sound-nin and two chunin from Konoha being assigned as his escort. As they walked along, they were ambushed. During the ambush Izubuu was captured and carried off, while the other thugs in his party remained to fight and delay the ninjas. After they killed the thugs they went in pursuit of the kidnapper and were further delayed by a trap he had laid. They ended up at a small shack in the woods, which was empty but had a trap in wait. They then entered and found a secret door in the floor, which led to the kidnapper's lair. There they beat the kidnapper and recovered Izubuu and all his goods. They received no gratitude from the Izubuu, of course.

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