C3 explosion

The Explosion Corps are a large group of extremely powerful Iwagakure soldiers. All of them specilize in using the explosive release kekkei genkai to create devastating casualities on the battlefield. Ever since the addition of Nobu into their ranks, the Explosion Corps was also granted the use of the Nuclear Release Kekkei Genkai, the new and improved Explosive Release. They are among one of the most powerful shinobi groups. Ever since the death of Iwa's council members, the Explosion Corps has took over as the villages main power and politics.

Group StructureEdit

Each member of the group is at least Jounin level in strength, but there are classes seperated by power. The main leader of the Explosion Corps herself is Mika Nori, but because she is lazy and only 12, she commonly leaves leading them to her advisor. The advisor has the most say in the matter in the top 5 members, named the Echelon. Those 5 members are the most powerful, not including Mika Nori, and lead most of the decisions in the Explosion Corps. Then they are seperated by three sections, the Clay Division, Close Divion, and the Jack Division. The Clay Division are long range Explosion Release users, using Explosive Clay for their attacks. The Close Division are a band of Explosive Release users who specialize in attacking close range. The Jack Division is a mixture of the two. Those divisions are lead by 3 of the 5 Echelon members.

Leader- Nobu

Echelon - Nobu, Nenko Nori, Uno, Dos and Gurido

Divisions - Clay Division (lead by Dos), Close Division (lead by Gurido) and Jack Division (lead by Nenko)


The group itself reaches is extremely powerful when combined together. The full force of the Explosion Corps has allowed many victories to be claimed in the Iwagakure name! With the new addition of Nuclear Release, the Explosion Corps going through a battlefield will leave a very scarred earth. 

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