443229-broly 1
Personal Information
Age 25 (deceased)
Gender Male
Height 6'11"
Weight 210lbs
Affiliation Outlanders
Clan N/a
Rank S-Rank


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Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Fakolly is a very angry man. He constantly either has a maniacle smile on his face, or an angry scowl. He is very unstable, constantly trying to destroy everything he doesnt like. He constantly tries to resolve situations with violence and openly embraces his Seishin, unlike most of the other Captains. He follows Raki


Strength: ?

Speed: ?

Intelligence: ?

Chakra Levels: ?

Chakra Control: ?

Endurance: ?


Rank UpgradesEdit

Genin 1: Fire Release

Genin 2: Lightning Release

Chunin: Taijutsu Specialist

Jonin: Kunholf Seishin

S-Rank: Pure Release

Kage Rank: ?


Abilities Unknown


Unknown Equipment

History and StoryEdit

Ever since Fakolly was born, he has an enormous amount of chakra reserves, and people were baffled, but his 

Dragon Ball Z wallpapers 1 Broly

Fakolly with his Seishin Shroud

father was proud. His father raised and trained him to be a ninja, and Fakolly became strong and superior to many people. But he was very unstable, almost killing everyone of his comrades. Ikar, the advisor to Gaara, finally had enough and came into Fakolly's home. He killed his father and almost killed Fakolly to preserve the peace, but Fakolly managed to survive. He left Suna with a severee hatred towards Ikar, and join the Outlanders. Soon he had Kunholf, the Wolf Seishin, implanted in him. He plans to personally kill Ikar. 

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