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Susorai Monigetsu has decided to leave the Akatsuki. Rucho Nara is not about to allow him to leave without forcefully taking him to see their leader, Kantaro.

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Susorai Monigetsu felt that the goals of the Akatsuki differed too greatly from his own for him to remain with the group any longer. Anticipating the trouble that would ensue with his defection, he said goodbye to Lorcian and urged her to not hold back against him if Kantaro asked her to kill him. Trouble was not long in finding Susorai, for Rucho Nara was right there to deal with any possible defectors from the Akatsuki. Tiburan briefly intervened, but then stepped back and left.
The two opponents charged at each other with their swords drawn. The swords met and each blocked the other's attack, so Susorai kicked Rucho in the gut to separate themselves. As he fell, Rucho dropped a paper bomb, which detonated and threw Susorai back. Susorai countered with his Water Release: Water Bomb Barrage, but only one of them hit Rucho, who was hidden in the smoke of the explosion, leaving Rucho with a shoulder and upper arm full of shrapnel. Rucho concealed himself in the smoke, dropping another paper tag with a 15 second delay. Then Rucho jumped over Susorai, who summoned Onizame and charged at Rucho. Again, the two crossed swords. To break the stalemate, Susorai jumped backwards, but this took him to the location where Rucho had previously dropped a paper bomb. As Susorai charged towards Rucho, the bomb detonated and launched Susorai up in the air. Susorai landed on his back, stunned and with moderate damage to his leg. His Onizame chakra field vanished and he tried to stand up, but the injury and chakra drain caused Susorai to collapse. As Susorai faded into unconsciousness, Rucho called for assistance from his partner, Suta Gungan, and the two bound Susorai. Recap Source