Mission DetailsEdit

  • Date: 2013-02-27
  • Submitted by: Unknown
  • Rank: Fight
  • Overseer: Nui Uchiha
  • Recapper: Nui Uchiha
  • QP Reward: 2
  • Ryo Reward: 0

Ninja TeamEdit

Mission ProfileEdit




Susorai Monigetsu was walking through the forest looking for a spot to train when he noticed he was being followed.

Mission RecapEdit

When he turned to confront his attacker, Rucho Nara stated that he had some questions and aggressively threw kunai at Susorai, who fell over in surprise and evaded the attack. In return, Susorai charged at Rucho with a punch aimed for his gut, only to find that he had struck a log. The real Rucho was elsewhere!
Using the element of surprise, Rucho attacked from the side with shuriken. Susorai deflected the one aimed straight for him, but two passed to his side. Rucho used a string attached to the shuriken to cast a shadow, catalyzing his Shadow Imitation Jutsu to immobilize Susorai as he was swinging his sword at Rucho.
With his opponent now immobilized, Rucho took the opportunity to ask a few questions, specifically concerning the rumored Monigetsu fortune. However, Susorai began to grow impatient and unleashed the first stage of his Onizame, which caused Rucho’s shadowy hold to weaken. Once free of the shadows, Susorai launched a barrage of shrapnel filled water bombs at Rucho, who jumped back and threw shuriken to help break up the shrapnel. However, there were lots of small pieces of metal, and some of the bombs hit him head on, so he sustained a moderate amount of damage.
Just as it seemed Rucho was going to retreat, the Nara jumped out from behind a tree and made an aggressive move to provoke Susorai, who fell for it. Another Rucho caught Susorai’s eye with a glinting kunai, which further enraged Susorai. Eager to be rid of the nuisance, Susorai threw a bag of money at Rucho, who then taunted Susorai and prookd him to charge up his Onizame once more. But then the two ninjas backed down and agreed to part ways.